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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Anti-Recipe #1 A lazy persons quiche

I make a darn good quiche.

Two secrets:

1) it’s a very forgiving dish (no, really it is)
2) I have a secret way of making pie crust that is totally easy and yummy.

You don’t believe me, do you? Its true. I discovered this pie crust recipe in an Amish cookbook when I was 14 or so (remember my cooking phase?).

Here is how it goes:
Take 2 cups flour, plus some more, dump in pie plate (10 inch)
Add dash of salt (for a quiche)
Add some wheat germ or flax (for a quiche)
I also like to add a dash of garlic salt sometimes.
(if you were making this for a fruit pie or something add a sprinkle of sugar instead of the last two things.)

Mix this stuff up in pie plate directly (no bowl! One less dish to clean up!) you can use your fingers, I use a fork.

Mix 1 cup vegetable oil and one cup milk in a bowl. Whisk it up (using same fork!) Pour three quarters of this mixture into pie plate flour mixture. Using the fork, start slowly mixing into flour. Use your fingers to form crust up around sides of pie plate, pat down around bottom of pie plate (kinda like playdoh right? Fun!) Pinch finish crust edge (to hold goop in better)

Prick sides and bottom of crust with fork (yes, the very same fork! I think my obsession with minimizing number of dishes used in cooking comes from my youthful cooking phase, you mess up the kitchen, you clean it. Unlike my husband who, God bless him, typically uses every single dish we own to create his masterpiece dinners, they are scrummy, just not fun to clean up after…insert winky smiley guy.)

Bake at 400 (something like that) until brown-ish and crispy-ish looking. Maybe 10-15 minutes.

See?? So freaking easy. The trick is not to mix too much and to press the sides and bottom fairly thin. This keeps it flaky.

Ok, the filling.

My standard for this quiche:
Spinach (cook it and drain it first! Otherwise the eggs never set properly, learned this the hard way a few years back.)
Bacon (cooked to crispy – chewy bacon pieces are gross)
Onions (sauté in bacon grease of course, hmmm.)
Cubed swiss cheese
Handful of grated mozzarella cheese
Sprinkle of salt/pepper
6-8 eggs (whatever you have on hand)
Milk (maybe half a cup? More if you are using fewer eggs. My mom likes to use cream, but I can’t taste the difference in the final product)

Other tasty additions, add to your liking:
Asparagus (cook first!)
Fresh chopped herbs (parsley? Cilantro? I typically throw in a dish whatever smells right, if that makes sense)
Sausage (cooked, obviously)
Chopped ham
Crumbled dried morels (a recent discovery, YUM)
Mushrooms (sautéed in bacon grease, of course)
Broccoli (I am not a fan of this addition, but whatever floats your boat)
Kale/swiss chard, etc. (same opinion as above)

Whip eggs and milk, add in ingredients, pour in pie crust. Cook at 350 until not jiggly on the top (roughly 45 minutes?)

Seriously, seriously, seriously yummy.


  1. Oh my - I HAVE to try that crust recipe! (Think soymilk will work?) I get so frustrated rolling out crusts, but I loooovvve pie. So excited about this option!

  2. What a great recipe...this is probably stupid, but do you mix in the last 1/4 of the milk/oil mixture or add as needed to get crust right, or just toss it?

  3. oops malia. exactly as you point out, the excess oil/water mixture is to use in case there are any non-sticky/too-floury sections as you pat the crust into place. just a drop or two usually on those spots does it.

    jess. sure i imagine soy milk would back and let me know. i am curious now. maybe if not try almond or rice milk?

  4. That crust is awesome! Can't wait to try it.
    I love quiche, so easy to make and with enough spices my picky eaters (husband is worse then babe!) will eat a ton of veggies. I usually add sour cream to mine, makes it richer.

  5. Attempt #1 in oven now...we'll see if it's good (my skills are lacking--just had to run over with baby on boob to add cheese I forgot).

  6. funny malia. i have definitely put things in at the last minute, just poke it in! i have also definitely done similar things with attached nursing babe. HA. gotta love it.

  7. so how did your quiche turn out?

  8. Turned out ok, definitly ate it all, but I'm looking forward to trying again with better results (need to learn the new oven).

  9. I make a VERY similiar pie crust right in the pan, too! We eat quiche about once a week because it is seriously the easiest thing to make in a pinch and super easy and versatile and I usually have all the ingredients on hand. So, even if I haven't made it to the grocery story dinner can still be super yummy!

  10. Wow -- thanks for the tip on crust! I had given up on pie crusts, but am encouraged to try again with your recipe.

    Now I'm all caught up on reading your blog posts -- you have a way of describing this mommy-business that invites me to laugh at myself just a little more, and step away from the neurotic just a little more. Thanks, Sara!

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