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So this is the thing. I have been in on this mommying gig for more than seven years. SEVEN YEARS. That's like college and graduate school. That's like, the longest I've done anything.


And its hard. Crazy hard sometimes. Or, rather, in its hardness it makes you crazy?

But, here is my thing, and the gist of this blog.

We sometimes (read, all the time) make it harder on ourselves.

We have this ideal of perfectly achieved mommyhood. We awake and go for a run before daddy leaves for work then a day of playdates and homemade playdoh and organic fresh meals eaten by perfectly groomed children and then bedtime at 7pm and drinks with daddy on the veranda and sitter slips in and we are off to our evening of mingling with adults talking about Important Things and we come home and hand the sitter a $20 and slide into our freshly washed sheets for a restful night of sleep.

It is not this way (a sitter for a night on the town for $20!?! HA!) WHAT? WAIT? IT ISN'T?

And as we pick boxed mac and cheese noodles off the floor at midnight and flop into our bed that hasn't been made in months we think, "This is not the gig I signed up for."

Have no fear, dear sweet tired reader, you are not alone.

This blog exists for you. We can try, we all do, but we still exist, we still matter, and we need to cut ourselves a break.

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