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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mommy Confessions

Let’s be honest. Mommyhood is rough. Some days are flowers and unicorns and warm fuzzies of course. People talk about this all the time.

But some days…some days are HARD. Do people want to talk about this? Not so much.

And then we lay the guilt on ourselves (and each other). "Did you see how she just gave her kid a lollipop to get into the car without screaming?? How could she?" and "Ugh. I haven't engaged my child in directed educational/socially expansive activities all day! Oh the shame!"

So. I think it’s good to have a little confessing every now and then. Embrace the imperfect. It’s good for the soul.

I will start but you MUST join in. Ok?


Here goes.

I sometimes turn the music up in the car so that I don’t have to listen to my three year old whine about the toy he dropped on the floor that I can’t reach.

Shocked? No?

Ok, I admit that wasn’t that bad.

Let's try again.

I don’t like folding towels and sheets. What is the point? I don’t understand it. Clothes, sure. But sheets? Why? My mom can fold these items so neatly and perfectly. When she came to help us move she organized my new linen closet. My God. It was incredible. Even the contour sheets! (Although apparently there is A Method for doing this properly. I have actually seen a diagram in a magazine about this. Seriously? A diagram? Like I am going to go find this diagram the next time I fold sheets?? Who does this??)

Here is another one.

Sometimes when babycakes the second dumps her cup of chopped up apples on the floor I scoop them up, put them back in the cup and give them to her.

I may or may not rinse them off.


Hmmmm…I’ve got more. Let me think.

Sometimes if babycakes the first is pretending his lego creation is a gun I ignore it. Even though we Don’t Allow Guns In Our House I get tired of saying this ALL DAY LONG.

How horribly inconsistent of me.

Ummm. These are not as revealing as I had hoped. Let me think of more.

I sometimes dress my kids in color coordinated outfits. I may or may not try to match them myself.

My gosh. I have become one of THOSE moms?? But it IS so CUTE. I just can’t help myself.

Hmmm. That was embarrassing maybe. Not really a confession.

Here is a good one. I don’t like playing with my kids.

Ok, that sounds super bad. I mean it like this. When my kid is playing super hero or dinosaur or whatever I happily let him do it. I don’t try and make one of the guys talk. If he asks me I might participate for a few minutes but I try not to too often. Why, oh cruel hearted mother?? Because I discovered when babycakes reached around 10 months old that building tower after tower for him to knock over was neither productive (in terms of washing that sink full of dishes) nor enjoyable (in terms of mommy going bonkers, not another tower!!! NOOOOOOOOOO……………) I realized he could entertain himself. And now that he is older it has paid off. I don’t need to tell him how to play with his toys or sit and oversee every interaction with his sister. They PLAY. Its like the clouds have opened and a golden light is shining down onto my in-need-of-being-mopped living room floor “LAAAAAA!” Pure bliss.

So. What are your confessions?

Next up: Googling Parenthood


  1. no confessions? come on people. i cant be alone.

    though sarah did write on facebook that she confesses to a dislike to play as well...i appreciate that sarah!

  2. OK.....sometimes nap time had nothing to do with taking care of the sleep needs of the children!

  3. a while back i would put the boys to bed early so that i could watch two hours of mommy tv!!! now i just have to wait untill they are in bed, i can't get away with putting them to bed early!

  4. ha stacy, totally. anyone else??

  5. I know this was posted a while ago, but here is some of mine. I ignore my children. I feel that if I consitantly ignore the Mommy Mom, Mamasita, hey Mom they will eventually quit talking/whinning. They will go away and do something else. I used to feel bad about this...not anymore. Yes there are times they have my undivided attention, but come on now they can figure out their stuff by themselves sometimes too.
    I do not like "playing" with my children either. I sit and watch.
    I did not like the baby stage. I loved nursing my babies and holding them and sleeping with them, but in general they touched me too much. I fell in love with my babies once they turned one.
    I hide in the bathroom sometimes.
    I have given my children a whole box of cereal at 5am and sat them in front of the TV while I slept for 2 more hours.
    I hate them watching movies in the car and I swore I would never do it, but alas I can handle only so much whinning and fighting on a 6 hour drive. I want to think and look outside instead of wanting to find things to throw at my chidren so they will stop fighting.
    I used to feel bad, but as a single Mama I have learned so often that there are many things I am good at, I really rock at spending quality time cooking and crafting with my babies. It is okay. i learned to give myself a break and lighten up and laugh and make funny faces and clean less.


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