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me and my little family

Hi. You found me! I'm Sara - aka June. I am you know, a crunchy hippy homeschooling homesteading mama who loves gardening, entertainment blogs, spy novels, and quality handbags and who makes Kombucha and occasionally lets her children eat McDonalds. HA.

So, yes, for introductions.  We are ... baby/toddler dear - aka Evergreen - my sweetie little Green who is growing up too quickly,


 ...little miss - aka Ayla - a sparkles and sunshine girl who is sometimes a tad stubborn (not at all like her mama, ha!)

...and little man - aka Jackson - our spirited boy who loves to read Harry Potter, practice archery, antagonize his sisters, and build with Legos...

 ... and dada, of course, my love who is a true pro at rocking a toddler to sleep in a baby sling.

We live in a sweet little house under the pines in the country.

We have a little mini tiny farmstead starting up which includes seven chickens, one kitty and garden which I shall dearly miss when the snow comes back, all too soon.

We homeschool, in a Charlotte Mason/Waldorfy type fashion.

We play. We read books. I craft. We sit in front of our woodstove and do a few school lessons. And I try to cook. And sometimes I like to blog about it all.

I used to do all sorts of crazy 'round the world adventuring and working and etc. But now I do this. And that sometimes. But mostly this. And I write.

Read and enjoy.

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