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Monday, January 30, 2012

more chopped up sweater fun

The other day little miss walked into the room holding my giant sewing scissors in one hand. "Mama," she says "look what I did!" She had dozens of teeny tiny holes all over her leggings. (And amazingly no cuts on her legs!) (Yes, yes, dada I will keep my scissors away from baby girls.) But clearly, I am influencing her with my chopping of clothes, right?

Dada and I went out the other day on a date. (GASP) We went to our favorite thrift store for most of the time we were out and I found a PILE of lovely soft sweaters to work with.

I have a certain process for working with sweaters.I leave it sitting out on my sewing table for a few days. Staring at me. Taunting me. What to do with you my pretty?? I find myself thinking about the sweater lying in bed at night (my exciting life) imagining the cuts I will make, what I want to create, how to best salvage the most amount of useable fabric.

The first to tackle was my best find - a vintage neon pink cashmere sweater from Neiman Marcus. First, I cut off the sleeves, at a straight cut, to sew into little pants for baby dear. I cut a generous opening down the side of each arm, more room for a big cloth diaper butt, then sew them together. I cut off an edge of one of the other sweaters, a plain tan ribbing, to use for the waist, sewing it together in a zigzag stitch first, making it a good deal smaller than the pants and then gathering the pants as I sew. (Oh Lord, does that make sense at all? I should do pictures one of these days.)

The pants are kind of eh. Super soft but too big for baby this year. Little miss can actually wear them.

Now the fun part. What to do with the rest of the sweater. I simply cut smaller armholes into the side, sewed them up, and sewed off the edges of the little cap sleeves, pulling while I do to make a little ruffly sleeve. SO CUTE. Little miss requested a flower, a heart, and a pocket. She wears it like every other day. So warm and sweet over run of the mill leggings and a shirt.

look mom! i am reading to baby!

So now I take another sweater, used to make the pocket of the pink dress and make leggings that match. Super soft, super stretchy, striped leggings. They are seriously awesome. I want some. And there is plenty left to make baby a matching pair. Then a pixie hat to match, cutting from the ribbing out and up into a point, one seam, and voila, HAT.

Now, to tackle a soft, green, thick, cabled sweater. (Do I need commas there? I think I do.) I wanted to make baby some overall type pants that were thick enough to wear as a diaper cover but soft enough to wear without other pants under.

I think these are probably my best creation to date. The pictures dont really capture how truly - and I use this word with a slight shudder - fetching they are. Seriously, seriously, cute. I used the arms of the sweater and cut a more generous cut along the side, creating pants with a really long inseam (isnt that the right word?) then I took some of the edge where the ribbing is on the bottom of the sweater and cut it out, smaller by several inches than the pants themselves. Next I sewed this piece on, gathering as I went. Then I cut small slits in the side for armholes and hemmed this. Then I added simple buttonholes on the corner edge of the top and sewed little buttons on the front piece. I didnt hem or cut anything for a neckline, just letting the edge of the ribbing stay straight. This is so convoluted. I really shouldve taken pictures. Maybe next time. Because I will be making more of these! So warm and cozy!

Then of course, a little hat, crafted from the shoulder of the sweater (which is just the right shape for a little hat) and then I used the head opening and cut out the shape of a little sweater vest around it. The opening was of course too gape-y for a 4 month old neck so I simply threaded some yarn through as a little draw string to close it, once its over her head.

I love sweater crafting.
Thursday, January 26, 2012

homemade laundry detergent, hand soap, and other various thoughts

I totally woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Do you know those days? No matter what is right, everything feels off.

I am tired. I couldnt fall asleep last night. Thinking. Thinking. Thinking.

And I am trying this new "purge my life of sugar and gluten" health kick thing. And its killing me. Seriously. Plus I have been feeling intense guilt about TV watching of the children lately. But if I cant get baby to nap in the bed (which I cant) then I NEED those video watching quiet times.

And on and on it goes.

And the spiral gets worse. I will never have a career. I am a terrible mother. I cant eat anything. Etc. Etc.

And I sit down in the sunshine and close my eyes. Little man zips up on his scooter and says "Are your eyes bright red when you close them in the sunshine?" Yes, they, in fact are. "Oh, me too." And he zips away. (Yes, scooter indoors. Winter + Rental floors = I dont care.)

He has been very attentive of my mood, my spiral this morning. "I love you SO SO much mama," he says. "Wow, you have a lot of dishes to do. I know, if I help it will go FASTER." And he stands next to me in the sunshine, his strong little body on the stool, and we do our dishes. "There," he says as we finish up, "Wasnt that quicker?"

And as I sit in the sunshine, I pull out my blinking Blackberry to find a few emails that came through. Some junk. And then, dun dun dun. My very first for real rejection letter for my manuscript. I have totally been prepared for this moment. I knew it was coming. In my head I would say "Hmm, I wonder when they will get that rejection notice to me." But still. Eh. Didnt feel great. You know?

And yes, I know, scores of authors have dealt with rejection after rejection before publishing their mega hit book, etc. I know. I dont have a mega hit book on my hands, just a little tale. Maybe I will try again. Or not. I dont know.

In the meanwhile. It adds a lot of weight to my day. I suck. At everything. EVERYTHING.

So. I turn to what I dont suck at, which is household duties. Because, I may not be able to publish a book but DAMMIT, I CAN make my own laundry soap!

And so I do.

This is how, if you want to too.

Shred up one bar of soap. Use Ivory or Dove or something really pure. I just used our regular cheese grater. Dump in a four/five gallon bucket container. If you dont have one lying around handy do what I did and half the recipe and put it in an old, large laundry soap container! I think its easier to make in small batches, plus then you can just shake rather than stirring the ingredients together.

Add hot water and shake to dissolve. Add 1 and a half cups of washing soda (or 3/4 cups). You can get this at stores like Walmart. Add more hot water, shake. Add 1 cup of Borax (1/2) again, you can get at Walmart.  Fill the container full of water. Stir or shake till dissolved. Let sit overnight. It took nearly two days for mine to gel up right. Use the same as any concentrated laundry detergent. Also, you can add essential oils to it. I put in 4-5 drops each of lemon, lavendar, and ylang ylang. It will be kinda gloopy and the water will separate a bit, just shake before portioning out.
ingredients for laundry detergent. i use the old laundry detergent bottle to
mix up the new stuff.

I am really pleased with how easy it was and how well it cleans. Also - CHEAP! All of those ingredients cost $12 at Walmart. (Thanks sister for getting them for me!!)

Also then, hand soap. Since I was shredding soap, why not right? Just shred one whole bar into a bit pot. Add one gallon of water and two tablespoons of glycerin (again, from Walmart, thanks again sister!) Bring to a boil, stir to dissolve, then let sit overnight or for 24 hours. I added patchouli, ylang ylang and sandlewood. Hmmmmm...Right now its sitting on the stove and looks like swamp water. I am hoping it gels up right. I plan on reusing our (nearly empty) hand soap pump container.
swamp water looking soap

So. Eh. Its sunny out. Baby is nuzzling up to me, my constant blogging/housework/peeing companion. I should go make lunch.
Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a dreaded update

Literally every time I have had a free (rare, precious) moment to sit down and blog in the past four days the computer has a) crashed or b) kicked me off the internet. Its really crazy. Its making me crazy.

Also, I am very much not a fan of one-handed blogging (while nursing or holding a sleeping child) Its uncomfortable and my thoughts dont flow, like I am only using half of my brain, which, I am only using half anyway (without copious amounts of coffee) so that is what, a quarter of my brain? Not good.

In any case.

What am I posting about?

Oh yes.

A friend of mine started her "dreaded journey" recently (yes, horribly cheesy of me to say that about hair, I know) and it made me think that I hadnt posted pictures lately. You get all back of the head shots here as I look TIRED and er, baby faced (with baby weight) lately.

Funny things about dreads. Little miss recently came up to me rolling her little tufts of blonde hair in her little hands. Look mom, I doing it like you!

Little man always draws me with long Medusa-like hair sticking out of my head, I love it.

A little college freshman girl came up to me at the mall saying she admired my dreads and she had recently put hers in too. She had little pink barrettes and ponytail holders holding said dreads in place, a fringe-y curled bangs, and little horn rimmed glasses. She was adorable.

Okay. That is all. I am supposed to leave the house in approximately 22 minutes. Still in my pajamas. The race is on.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Anti-recipe #44 cinnamon pull apart bread using refrigerator bread dough

Yes, this is the bread making the rounds on pinterest. Yes, it is amazing.

I mean, anything with a full stick of butter should be, right?

Yes, A FULL STICK. Some things in life are worth it, you know?

So. I start with refrigerator bread dough. Do you know about refrigerator bread? You should. A ridiculously easy way to have fresh rolls, baguettes, pizza crust etc. at your fingertips.

Here is how I mix it up: (Altered from the original bread recipe from the book, Artisan bread in five minutes a day, or something like that. And since its altered it isnt really taking it right?)

Mix 1 1/2 tablespoons of yeast in four cups of warm water in a big tupperware with a lid. I use a big rectangular plastic tub. Make sure it fits in your fridge first, of course. Now add around 1 tbsp of salt. Now 6 cups of unbleached white flour. You can substitute maybe a cup or two of wheat flour but not too much more than that otherwise it wont rise properly. Mix it all together and let rise in a warm place (on a gas stovetop works well) for several hours. The recipe says two hours. I have left it overnight and it was fine! I think four hours is good.

Now. For the yummy bread part.

After your dough has risen take out a good chunk, maybe a third of what you made. Put the remaining dough, still in the tub, in your fridge (use whenever and however you like within two weeks or so!)

Roll the dough out really thin - this can be challenging and requires lots of extra flour. Now paint, liberally, with melted butter, not the whole stick, but nearly. Now sprinkle on a layer of cinnamon sugar. Add a sprinkle of nutmeg if you like (I do!) Make sure you do it all the way to the edges. THis makes me think of my grandmother who once told me it was worth it to spread all the way to the edge when making sandwiches to get people to eat the whole thing.

dough cut into slices

dough stacked

Here is the tricky part. Slice into three slices, then slice those slices, lengthwise, into three or more slices. Now stack these all on top of each other and lay, like books on a shelf, in your buttered bread pan (a smaller one). Now drizzle on remaining butter and sprinkle on more cinnamon sugar.

Let it rise for around 30 minutes, or until it doubles, on your preheating oven top.

Bake for around thirty minutes at 350.

Pull apart and eat warm. OH MY GOSH. You are gonna thank me.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the identity of me

So the other day dada went on over to Ikea and bought honest-to-God-full-price shelves. Matching shelves. The shelves I have been lusting after, years? (I know, disturbing, I will get back to that in a minute)
the shelves in question...arent they fabulous???

I literally sit in my mama chair in the morning sipping coffee and gaze lovingly at them. A place for everything, and everything in its place. Ah!

And I told dada, as we exclaimed to each other over and over "Gosh I just LOVE those shelves!," that I feel like I am a "real adult" now that we have gone out and purchased full price furniture to match our other furniture.

Okay, so now back to the disturbing part.

Disturbing, in that shelves excite me so much. Disturbing in that this is the most exciting thing that will happen in my world...for weeks? Disturbing in that this makes me feel like an accomplished adult (whereas having three children and getting two graduate degrees between us does not?)

What has happened to me?

I never thought I would be the domestic type. Like making baked oatmeal just for kicks at home in my slippers on a Tuesday afternoon, baby strapped to my chest asleep, while herding two soccer playing children into another room (ONLY IN THE HALL!) And yes, this is EXACTLY what I did this afternoon. In slippers.

So. My life. You know?

I thought I would be gallavanting around the world, babies in tow, while dada takes care of them so I can do Big and Important work (capital B, capital I).

But, I am not. And here is the thing, the crux of the matter as it were, I love it.


BUT I am realizing, in this 30-something identity crisis I am having of late, IT BOTHERS ME THAT I LOVE IT.

I think that is it.

Like, I am feeling unsettled at how settled I am. Does that make sense? All of this came out last night as I was talking with a friend (OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE, no I did not wear yoga pants) with a glass of wine in hand...Suddenly I realize as I am saying it, that I am content, but that scares me.

So, the question is, WHY? Why, for GOD'S SAKE, is it so hard for me to be okay with loving my life as it is?? I feel like I ought to want more. I DO want more, of course, but not right now necessarily. Logistically it would be so hard. And five years from now I can slide back into some kind of career, consulting or whatnot, and it'll happen, no worries. But, for now, I am content. With sweeping the floors three times a day, making matching pajamas for my girls, exclaiming over my baby starting to crawl, and the fact that I made my own laundry detergent (which I really should share here, it is WONDERFUL)

And there I go again. Wonderful homemade laundry soap. It scares me that I just wrote that.

See what I am getting at here?

Do I almost feel guilty that I dont want more? Like I am letting that ambitious 25 year old down for not writing a novel or traveling the world or using my degrees?

I don't know. Obviously I am still trying to figure it out. Hence the writing of the convoluted thoughts that you, my friends, get the privilege of reading. (Sarcasm. HA.)

Mainly, maybe, I am letting my dreams change, my vision of myself and who I thought I would be, as I push through the mid-thirties to the nearer side of 40. (EEK) I am not the mother I thought I would be at 25. I am not the career girl I thought I would be. Nor the published author I envisioned. But that is okay. I am me. Thirty-something me. My decade younger self will have to deal with it.

Change is good. But lets face it, I suck at it.

But I need to, irregardless.

I am a mommy. But not JUST a mommy, none of us are. I am a sister, blogger, daughter, creator, friend, dreamer, partner, writer, and more.

I am a lot. You know? So back off, 25 year old self. Come on, goat farms and dreads?!? You know you love it.
Saturday, January 14, 2012

my baby.

My baby...

grabs hold of mommy, daddy, brother or sisters face and kisses us, open mouthed, slobbering her happiness all over us.

rolls over as soon as you put her on the floor.

has the most amazing grey eyes.

wakes, and first thing in the morning, smiles up at me.

falls asleep nursing, milk dripping down her chin, smile on her face.

flails her arms back and forth in bed at night until I wake up and, taking the hint, nurse her again.

is wearing 6-9 month size clothes, and some 12 month sizes (?!)

responds to her nickname "bugaboo" or "buga" as much as her name.

squeals a high pitched shriek when she cries, especially when she is mad or impatient.

looked up at me the other day and, wanting milk, clearly said "naah-nee?"

wiggles when she is really happy.

was with dada in the other room a few days ago and started looking around saying "Ma MA MA MA!"

loves watching her brother and sister play and laugh.

is slightly scared of her overly affectionate big sister.

has the most adorable fat little legs.

is awesome.
Wednesday, January 11, 2012

zen moment of the day

Its a long day today. Dada is working both jobs. It is grey out. I am tired. Baby is clingy. I am THIS close to calling it a day and reading while the kids watch a movie. Forget the mounds of laundry, the dishes.

And then I see the kiddos doing this in the hall....

ignore the hamper full of laundry at the end of the hall. :)

Setting up an entire "war" as little man calls it. They have been at it for over an hour. And I think. Eh, maybe not such a bad day.

OH, and guess what?! Little miss is filling up her potty two in the poop section! YIPPEE!
baby playing...lasted five minutes... but, i will take it.
Tuesday, January 10, 2012

anti-recipe #43 peanut butter banana smoothie

Just so I don't forget.

Peanut butter banana smoothie.

OHMYGOSH. With whole milk vanilla yogurt, by Stonyfield...and a little milk.

I am trying to purge sugar from my diet. Yesterday I failed and found myself stuffing hidden Christmas candy in my face by 3pm. Today, instead of failing, I made this shake.


I imagine the kids would love it too. I, however, will not be offering them any. MINE. ALL MINE.
Monday, January 9, 2012

in which i confess my utter failure at potty training

So. I am a total failure at potty training little miss.

Little man got it. (Did I try harder? I think I did.) We had him run around naked. He peed once on his leg, hated it, and was pretty much done after that. The poop part was more difficult. He did one day, on the wooly rug in his room...all over...I lost it and yelled at him so loud. (I know this is SO BAD but I did) and he never pooped anywhere but the pot after that.

He saw that we cared so he did too.

Little miss doesnt care. At all. She pees fine on the potty. She refuses to poop. It is making me CRAZY. She will hold it in until we put a pull up on her for bed or whatever. And then I have too many lazy days of not forcing the issue and she just pees in her pullup all day. She doesnt care. I have nightmares of her as a teenager, wearing pullups to prom.


What is a tired mommy to do??

What we always do, when the S-H-I-T hits the fan.


Bribery, that golden nugget of parenting that everyone says is bad but everyone still does.

And today I gave in and engaged in what I swore I would NEVER do. A sticker chart. With the promise of a Buzz Lightyear doll at the end of the chart (30 pee pees, 10 poops). I told dada about it first of course. His response. Oh My Gosh That Is Brilliant. Do You Think It Will Work????

And as I am writing out this chart, lines neatly drawn on pink paper, with the word "poop" carefully written on ten squares, I started full on laughing at myself.

"Poop. Poop. Poop."

And this is what my life is these days. Potty charts.


All I have to say is, it better work.
Friday, January 6, 2012

on having a big family

So apparently having three children means you have a big family. Did you know this? I didn't. But, it seems to be true.

I went to the mall today with the kiddies. We have a pass to the aquarium there and I was determined to go, even without dada. And so we did.

And everywhere I went I saw mamas with one, maybe two kids. And everywhere I went I was getting looks. Not judging. Just looks. They look at me, head to toe, they look at my kids, decked out in their mall finery, they look at baby, they look back at me, then they look down at their one or two kids in the stroller. An almost quizzical look on their faces.

You can totally see the thought progression. "Huh. She looks kinda hippy like. Are those dreads? Oh. Wow. Three kids. Dang they are cute. Wait, she is at the Mall ALONE with THREE kids. Woah. I only have one and I barely made it out the door."

To which I give a wan smile, trying my hardest to project the following to her "My friend, I barely made it out the door too. In fact I have been wearing yoga pants and pajamas around the house all week and literally had to FORCE myself to get here. And do you know what just happened? My baby just peed on the changing table in the restroom ONCE I TOOK THE DIAPER OFF all over her clothes AND the change of clothes I have for her is newborn size. OOPS. We are headed to Gap Kids to buy her another outfit. Seriously. Can you believe this??? I am barely holding it together most of the time."

But I don't. I just smile. (By the way, that actually happened this morning.)

Here is the thing that I don't get. That most people dont get. Having more than one kid is just slightly more work than having one. Its NOT twice the work. NOT three times the work. Its just one more mouth to listen to. One more little hand to corral when crossing the street. And - I SWEAR TO THIS - the benefits outweigh the "slightly more work" element. Last night little man held baby while I got little miss undressed for the bath. A little thing. But so convenient. He and little miss play so well together. And baby has no need for flashy interactive toys when she has them to look at. By the time you get to four kids, the oldest being seven, man, piece of cake! A seven year old can do all sorts of helpful things. I know I did.

And I would too. Were my body to let me. My last pregnancy was just then the scary birth, ack, dont know if I can do it.

But I look around my little crew and I think, me and dada, we make nice babies. They are pretty to look at. Entertaining. Smart, if slightly on the rascal side. I like them. Really. I really, really do. They are kinda the bomb, as they say. If I could take away all thoughts of space in our house, impact on my body, scary delivery, future career thoughts, etc. I would totally keep having babies. Lots of 'em. For as long as I could. Looks at the mall be damned. Have a proper big family. Not three kids, that isnt big. Like five. six. Live on our dream goat farm. Write books. Surround myself with my babies. I totally would.

You know?

Anyway. Those are my thoughts on that. But I have three. Big family or not. And sure, its a lot of work. It requires a lot of coffee. Not enough sleep. But damn, it is worth it.
by the way. look who is on the move!
she started out laying on the rug...OH MY.
time to rid the floor of stray legos!
Tuesday, January 3, 2012

today i...

So at one point today I was dumping out little misses rejected hot cocoa and it occurred to me how great it would taste chilled with that little chocolate vodka I got in my stocking.


But its only four. And I think, why am I so tired and worn already??

Then I think about my day. Here is what I did. And, edited to add, its not that I am saying "gee look how much I did" just, well, I had been thinking I gotten much done, but, well, I did.

Today I....

...held a hacking sicko sleeping baby for approximately 6 hours. (Seriously. SIX HOURS. She is still there. On me. I am good for around four hours. Somewhere around hour five I start feeling hot and achy and crabby about it. I am pushing hour seven now.)
... did a science experiment with little man (wherein he asks me what would happen if he put a cup of water in the freezer and I said put it in there and see. HA. I be GREAT at homeschooling)

...made homemade laundry detergent! SO EASY. It smells lovely too. (One bar of Ivory soap, dissolved in hot water, add 1 and 1/2 cups of washing soda and 1 cup of Borax, dissolve it all in a total of four-five gallons of warm water. Add essential oils to smell nice. I did Ylang Ylang and Lemon.)

...sat in the sun drinking coffee for approximately one hour. (Holding sleeping sicko baby) a book for approximately 7 minutes.

...did the dishes.  (holding sicko sleeping baby girl in the wrap)

...let the kids watch too much tv.

...freshened family pictures on the fridge. And hung up new pics of baby girl.

...picked up the whole house. Including the playroom.

...vacuumed the whole house.

...received this letter from a certain Mr. Little Man
me and dada are in the top left corner, holding
hands :) the rest of the people are our family and name is on the envelope.
...made refrigerator bread (its really so easy.)

...answered emails. Sent out emails. (You all get this as an accomplishment, right??)

...did not lose it when I found the kids doing this in the playroom. (We are having a thing fight mama. Instead of a snowball fight we are throwing THINGS at each other!)

...picked up the playroom again. (With help from little man...little miss wandered away pouting. I didnt feel like forcing it, you know?)

...remembered to eat around 2pm. Leftover Thai food. YUM.

...remembered to feed the children. YAY. (HA. That is a joke. Just in case you were worried. Ha. Okay. Sorry.)

...changed little miss out of soaking wet pants twice. (I GOT PEE PEE MAMA! Why was this easier when she was 18 months?? I missed my window again, dangit. She is in a pullup now. I give up for today)

...made potato soup for dinner.

...planned out meals for the rest of the week.

...made the kids hot cocoa, just because.

...hung up original artwork by an accomplished local artist in the playroom.

... ... ...I think that is it.

Dude, that is enough right? Sheesh.
Monday, January 2, 2012

new year, new me

Ok, so not new me. I was trying to come up with a clever title and I can't. Dada has a steak on the grill (in 15 degree weather, that is how we Minnesotans roll) and its distracting me. MAMA IS HUNGRY. Also, I just had a few sips of some homemade brandy (?) I didnt know you could make it but, whatever, its good. And strong. [ETA: apparently its called milk punch, made with brandy, sugar and milk. YUM]

This all makes me write, and write, and write. Whether that is good or not you can decide, I suppose.

So its the new year. 2012 and all that. And I am psyched about it. Yes, we got a pretty amazing little baby out of 2011 but otherwise...good riddance I say. Okay, I cant write off the whole year. There were some good spots. Some sweet memories with the kids. But, so much to look forward to in 2012.

First off. I organized the crap out of the house today, well, dada did too. He is wearing the baby right now, isnt he awesome? Something about a man with a baby wrap on...hmmmm....and this, while he is cooking dinner. I love that guy.

So, he wore the baby most of the day because A) I did something to my neck the other day and its killing me and 2) so that I can organize the crap out of the house (Yes, I see what I did just there with the A and the 2. Oh well.)

Where is that brandy stuff? Mmmmm.

So yes, you know how it is with the house. Move a few things here, a basket with books there next to the kids rocking chairs, sort through some books and boxes in the basement, and VOILA. I feel better. Isnt it crazy how this is true?

Ha. Little miss just asked me if Santa Claus is here yet. Oh boy. Second time today too. Gonna be a long two months till her birthday. BECAUSE I AM NOT BUYING ANY MORE TOYS TILL THEN. Girlfriend needs to chill.

So, yes. I have plans for 2012. Starting small. Getting baby to nap outside of the sling. This is essential. She has outgrown the fleece pouch and the ability to be worn comfortably for several hours a day. Just cant do it anymore. So, I will lay with her, nurse her to sleep, cross my fingers and slide out of bed. Just as I did with the other two at this stage in the game. I am hoping she takes to it. Seriously would make my life easier. BIG TIME.

Also. Yoga. Need to do this, something for myself. Fifteen minutes a day. At least.

Also. I am going to order this homeschool (I know, GULP, right?) Waldorf curriculum I found. Might as well give it a whirl over the next few months to see if I can commit to it for next year. (GULP.)

Also, getting bigger here, I may or may not have the chance to do some honest-to-God teaching using my honest-to-God degrees at some point this winter/spring. Wow.

And then, a house. I need one. I found an A-frame that I am obsessing over. Its already docorated in my head. With a treehouse outside for little man. (Please God, Please??!!)

And then, and then, and then. Maybe an Etsy shop? I can't decide if I am too lazy or not to do this. I might be too lazy.

And....who knows after that. I need to do more writing. Those darn WIPs that have been taunting me for months now.

Maybe I will run a marathon in the fall too.

Ha. Just kidding. I like running but cant understand why anyone would willingly put their body through pain like that. (Oh, childbirth, ha. Right.)

So, those are my thoughts for 2012, Mayan conspiracy theories notwithstanding. You?
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