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Sunday, December 30, 2012

zen parenting moment

Much to write about, but for now, this.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas little family, Merry Christmas everyone!

A lovely day, although dada remarked that even with a staff of 20 he didn't think I would stop running around like a chicken without a head (which is a really gross saying)

In any case, I am sitting now! Watching monsters inc with the kids, glass of wine in hand. Here are some photos.

And so, Merry Christmas dear friends. Happiness to you all.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

and then....

All my Christmas crafting on hold because baby woke with a fever last night. Sad face. She will only sleep in my arms. And so we watch tv and cuddle on the couch. The rest will wait.

And I swear we aren't always sick. In October with that stomach thing, and then one cold in November, that's normal right? Babies with fevers are the sad!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

zen parenting moment

Or, how to keep a toddler entertained for ... Minutes!

Warm water, soap bubbles, a rag, and a sturdy stool.

Everyone is napping. My baby and I are cleaning the kitchen. Bub-ble! Bub-ble!

Just lay some towels on the floor first.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

June crafts for Christmas #5

So baby was awake from 4-530am. Which was as fun as it sounds. And she slept till 10. So now, at 4pm, she is going down for a nap. Which means dinner prep is off schedule and the kids are watching PBS kids... Hmmm leftovers and bacon and eggs?

Anyway I did get a lot of cutting out of projects done, which is a good first step. Next I need to find a few hours to sit at the sewing machine. After bedtime?

So we have... Some felt swords, a pile of fabric for these great produce/egg gathering aprons I created, finger knitting to be sewn into gifts, gnomes left to be sewn, felt crowns, and the thing I'm super excited about - horse heads cut out of felt for hobby horses!! - and then some cute doll dolls I made (stuffed with rice and wool and can be warmed in the micro for extra cuddly-ness!) one of which still needs a face. Baby has seen these and keeps whining to hold them "doll doll!! Doll doll!"

Ok. Rocking chair. Sleeping baby. Now to heave myself up to go put baby down so I can clean this wreck of a house and start dinner. Sigh.

Oh and sorry about the crappy photos lately. Posting on the go is so much easier on my iPhone and the picture quality isn't so clear lately. I think baby chewed on the camera area one too many times...

June crafts for Christmas #4

Voila, clown.

June crafts for Christmas #3

So far I fed the kids, the chickens and made a one arm felt clown. Soon to have two arms. I am still in my pajamas. At 11am.

I've also been listening to the story of the staff of power that little man is luckily in possession's originally from Zeus (letter z was yesterday) and then it fell from the heavens and Saint Nicholas tried to bring it back to heaven but Gandalf the Grey got it and then used it to conquer the guy in the fire and then it got buried in the desert by Egypt "you know with the pyramids and stuff" and then little man walked by and found it. Lucky him.

Lucky me. Smile.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

June crafts for Christmas, #2

Here is the day so far. Sunshine. Wrecked house. Felt clown cut out. Boy finger knitting. Gnome family for niece cut out. Girls throwing playdoh on the floor. ("Go! Go!") oh and I made yogurt. It's easy!! Milk, one cup of yogurt, whisk, heat, keep it in the oven at 100-110 for 6-8 hours until it looks like yogurt. Yay!

The end.

And the prince zigzagged his way up the hill, with the brightly glowing lantern, back to his castle where the king and queen waited with open arms. He was home.

Sniff sniff.

The end.

Crap, what do we do for school now??

Christmas crafty June #1

So, want to see what I am working on? No time for proper posts really but I do like to share my crafty-ness... Well... When it turns out... And when the neighbor stopped by and I dashed to the craft table to get my latest project to show her... Well it made me realize perhaps I needed a sharing outlet....which since I have no friends who live up here my bloggy friends! Yay you!

So here is one recent effort, an angry birds game, which little man caught a glimpse of and i'm strangely peeved about it and now I don't want to finish it...

Also photos of the balaclava I made baby dear, so soft and nice and EASY!

... more to come later today.

.... Hi. I've been up since 5am and can't stop thinking about crafting I need to do. Clearly I need an intervention. ...

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas crafting, Santa Lucia, advent and etc

So it's been a good week but trying to get SO much done for the holidays. I've had a couple of moments of breaking down though. It turns out of all the things I want to do and be - super engaged mommy, homeschooling, blogger, keeping the house clean, crafting, staying sane - I can do maybe two or three of those at once, four if I've gotten enough sleep, which I haven't lately. And switching up priorities is brutal because I end up a) putting the kids in front of the tv or b) making crappy dinners or c) losing my cool. This week I've been crafty, homeschooling, engaged mommy, alternating to cleaning mommy. Not staying sane mommy. Or blogger. Clearly. Right now I'm at my moms ignoring sisters, kids and sisters kids to get this post done. Sigh.

In any case.

Santa Lucia was this week and we had such fun celebrating, when I wasn't losing my cool. We did this as kids, mainly due to my infatuation with my Kirsten doll and all things Swedish. The eldest girl wears a crown of fir branches and candles and brings rolls and coffee to parents in bed at the crack of dawn whilst singing carols. It's a celebration of light and obviously Saint Lucy who had a gory route to sainthood but whose life inspires a lovely sentiment of helping those in need.

Anyway I was gonna post the story we read and the recipe for the amazing rolls and mulled wine we made (we greeted dada at the door with rolls and wine and with our wreaths and little man in his star boy hat, the moment of coffee and rolls at daybreak will have to wait, ha!) but another sister just walked in the door with more cousins and its time for cousin cookie decorating day.

So here are some photos of the day and also our advent garden which I LOVE. I made a Mary and Joseph to walk along the path, and a St Nicholas just because. And some crafty photos, little man finger knitting (be still my crafty heart!) and the pine cone garland and twig stars we made for our little house in the woods.

Oh and we also got our first giant snow and I made a great mitten shirt for little miss. I will post that later. It's so awesome it merits its own post.

And yes hugging my babies and hurting for so many today. I can't even write about it.

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