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Thursday, August 27, 2015

the post with two announcements

So. Here is the deal. 

I've been writing this post in my head for the whole of this summer. 

I totally wanted it to be the trifecta announcement...the two things I've got to say below plus something book-ish. I've got an agent! I've got a deal! 

Alas, although I DO have a completed manuscript and this one, my third thus far, could be THE ONE. Maybe. Ha.

But, nevertheless. 

Two announcements. 

Yes, lying in bed at night, awake for hours, crafting this post.

At first I thought I would do it when we arrived at our new locale...a picture of me, in front of palm trees, with a nice trim little belly.

But then word started getting out. And in any case, we bought our one-way tickets so...


We are moving to Hawaii. For a year. 

Remember the whole "WE ARE MOVING TO HAWAII!!!" post two years ago???

SO yes. We are doing that. Except this time, we are doing it for realz. Tickets purchased. Bags being packed. We leave a week from today in fact.


We are leaving everything in storage. Hopefully finding a furnished rental. Selling our van. Buying a new one. And we are open to staying longer. So. Yes.

me and baby green in hawaii teaching several years ago

And, the nerves of it NOT happening is why I had to stop posting this summer. God, it was a hard summer. Dada's business venture had some rough setbacks (now recovered from thank goodness) but it was hard and sad and harsh and it felt like NOTHING WOULD EVER GO RIGHT. And I have a hard time writing when I feel like I have to fake it. 

So, its a little different from buying a goat farm in the frozen Northlands. Yes. But. I imagine they have goats in Hawaii, right?? You know what they do have?? COFFEE. As in, COFFEE FARMS. Ha. new dreams surfacing. Which is what life is, right???

SOOOO. Yes, I will be teaching and working part-time-ish on this venture, described at our resurrected for a short time only GO Fund Me page. And I will be setting up a new blog on my professional website where I share book-ish and work-ish stuff. I'll share the link here when it happens.

And yes, I was contemplating shutting down this blog for a bit, for the year, but to be honest. You know. June wants to go to Hawaii too. She works so hard. She deserves a year in paradise, right??? Blogging about homeschool lessons on volcanoes and how sugar is made and ocean life unit studies and crafts with shells and raising guavas and avocados in the background and OMG YEAR ROUND GARDENING. June is about dying with excitement. 

So, Yes, she needs to come. 

And then. 


In the midst of all this business worry and do we move to Hawaii or not....



Oh yes, that is what you think it is.

I tried to orchestrate a cutesy pinterest worthy announcement photo with the kids but, eh. HA HA.

So. Yes. As my friend put it the other day, "last time we talked you were wondering about more kids or an, you DECIDED BOTH?"

Apparently. HA. 


And yes, being the "advanced maternal age" that I am, we wanted to wait a bit. So I am out of the first trimester and ... still gaggy...Husband says it means BOY. We shall see.

I'll pull an Angelina Jolie here and say "late winter" is the general time frame for baby to come. 

So, yes, we will be living in Hawaii when baby is born. So, yes, ALOHA BABY! Hey, I was born in Hawaii so, its all full circle, right? 

And, that's that. 

Two announcements. Big things. Big time. But, still, the same. June is back. But, be prepared for pig roasting posts. HA HA HA. 

Thanks for sticking around. Hugs all.


  1. Best blog post ever!!!!! Many congratulations!!

  2. Fantastic news, congratulations how exciting new baby and a new start somewhere excitingglad June is going too xxxx


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