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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

we have arrived

So far...

Very very hot.

Very very green.

Very very ocean-y.

And I mean really. It is dang hot. There are green flowering trees everywhere. And you can see the ocean just about anywhere you step outside because the town is built on the side of a volcano so...


We are in temporary housing at the university where I am working/teaching. And it feels very...temporary...

I get to about 1pm every day and feel like I am going to fall apart.

But, so much good.

Work is going to be interesting, once it gets into full swing (a lot of the leadership is at a big conference in Australia right now, so I am rather work-less at the moment)

Fresh fruit at the farmers market.

So many amazing looking food options. Thai food on every corner. A pizza place with GF crust options AND KOMBUCHA ON TAP! I mean, come ON.

Our little church sang the doxology in Hawaiian.

Lots of beaches to explore. Towns too. Its a great little island.

Geckos and beautiful birds everywhere. We even saw a mongoose. Freaky creatures but the reason there aren't snakes here, apparently.

Can you tell it's the afternoon? I'm tired.

We did school sitting out on the patio under a banyan tree at the campus coffee shop. Kinda great. Our first day. Rather different than last year. I think my head is kinda reeling from all the different. Different different everywhere...

Thanks for all the well wishes in our big adventure, seriously it was so special to read all your messages. I think once we settle into our permanent rental (3 weeks from now!) it will all feel more real. For now its like, huh. Um. Who am I again?

Here are some pics thus far. I promise more coherent posts soon.



  1. Sounding and looking pretty awesome so far, have fun :o)


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