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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

June's back! and a bit of a new house tour

Why am I back???

This is why.




Did you catch that? Playdough. Crunchy hippy homemade playdough. IN MY OWN KITCHEN.

If you have been following the plight of June's kitchenless-state you will know that I havent had a kitchen to call my own in....SIX MONTHS.

Which has been rather HARD FOR JUNE.

But now. We unpack pretty towels. We start rooting mint and basil in a glass on the counter. We pick flowers for the windowsill. AND WE BASK IN THE GLORY OF A KITCHEN. (Who is this royal we? Why, June and I of course! HAHAHAHA)

Um, also, WITH A DISHWASHER. And a fancy fridge with some kind of built in tablet/computer/security camera monitor I cant figure out how to use.

Also geckos.

This vision can't be perfect, alas. It seems I am destined to share my kitchen counter and the cupboard above the fridge with a gecko who wont take the hint and leave. They say geckos are good luck. And cute! And they eat bugs! I say. They nibble on food left on the counter and poop on the window sill. And they are stealthy and speedy and are apparently going to be my Hawaiian housekeeping nemesis, much like mice in our last place. I am deadly afraid of mice.

In any case. Geckos aside.

I HAVE A KITCHEN. And, a POOL. And BEDROOMS. A king size bed that feels like heaven. TWO BATHROOMS. And, an AVOCADO TREE! And yes, its been a vacation rental so its dull and needs sprucing up. Nothing some new curtains and throw pillows and pictures and potted orchids cant fix.

Okay, I'll be done with caps now. But, good grief we are so blessed to be in this place. Housing is impossible to come by, especially affordable housing, and FURNISHED affordable housing. Huge.

So I sit on the couch and sip my morning coffee and see the palms blow in the breeze and a giant white bird flaps over the house and the ocean a faint line in the background and yes, yes, this could be home, for awhile.

 Also, very June feeling...An OCEAN UNIT STUDY! And an honest to goodness homeschool corner!

Jack has had to claim the office nook with a folding screen as his room. As long as we keep him supplied with the Ipad or the next Rick Riordan book on his kindle he doesn't seem to mind.

The girls room is a work in progress...UGH.

The view off of the kitchen patio.

 My own little computer table. YAY. Past the palms? Ocean.

 Boring brown rental living room that needs decorating. Badly.

But this is the other side of the room. AHHHH....

 Growing in the plumeria tree in the front yard.

 Pineapple plant!
 Aloe grows like weeds.
 The backyard. With wild turkeys. It needs a lot of work but holy camoly you should see my pinterest board for this yard. Big plans. Big plans.
 Um. Can you go away guys? Last night we watched wild pigs root around the yard for fallen avocados
 Yes, avocados.

 Pool area. And no, we didnt buy this place. We are renting. But also managing it as a vacation property for the owner. (It has several suites on the lower floor to rent out). So pool. Yard. We even got a car in the deal. Of course, this means managing people. Like the ones who texted dada at 11pm asking why there wasnt a remote for the TV and would he please go buy one. He is doing this part. Not me. HAHA. (He is a good guy)
 Hibiscus! I love these.
 I found mint growing near the pool. YAY! I plan on putting in an herb garden here. And there are abandoned planter pots everywhere that are begging for gorgeous exotic plans that do not grow in places like the frozen north land.

 Dada took this one. Laughing to himself. "Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Just how I like her." HAHAHAHAHA


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