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Friday, September 14, 2012


I had all these great last few days at the farm posts planned and then, the inevitable, my dang blasted cuss word computer finally drew its last breath, and died.

Also, did I mention the car has been in the shop the last few days?

And we are moving tomorrow. And you know how I love packing.

It will all work out but, still, fun times.

So. I am putting in frozen pizza for lunch and eyeing the bottle of vodka on the fridge. HA HA. Joking. Sort of.

So, you will hear from me at some point in the next week when the new laptop arrives, assuming I will have internet access by then...

I suppose its good though. A week long break to unpack, catch our breath, set up our nest a little.

So friends... Be back later!

And thanks for all the postive feedback (here and on facebook and private emails) about my last post. I appreciate it so much.

Wish me luck! (And that that bottle holds up, HA HA.)


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