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Monday, September 24, 2012

under the pines


Frantically typing at a coffee shop in town while the kids tear apart the toy collection nearby. Lordhavemercy.

Our old computer died pre-move. New computer took some time to get set up. And for some reason I CANT blog on my blackberry with the new version of blogger.


But we are here. In this sweet little town. And our house. Oh. We LOVE it.

I have so much to write. To remember. To share. To document for posterity (tongue in cheek).


Mostly today though.

My baby girl.

Who I screamed into the world one year ago. Who finally breathed after a few terrifying minutes, the worst three minutes of my life. Who is now walking, only, feeding herself with her own little fork, laughing, loving, nodding her head yes in big exaggerated motions, and talking more than is normal for a tiny girl like her.

And so. First. I blog about her. To her. To say. My girl. My girl. Thank you. I love you. We love you.

Happy birthday.


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