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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June's random thoughts in June and anti-recipe #62 homemade hummus

Our favorite new meal is hard boiled eggs, homemade hummus, fresh fruit and whatever veggies we have ready from the garden. The other day it was piles of radishes, which as you know dada and I love to eat raw with butter and salt. Bonus, little man loves them too this year. We planted a lot. Too many. 

Hummus is ridiculously easy to make. Why have I never tried before?? I just made our first batch this week. Here is how: One can garbanzo beans, one spoonful of minced garlic, two tablespoons or so of lemon juice, one teaspoonful salt, two tablespoons or so of tahini, and a glug of olive oil. I use my nifty wand bullet blender thingy. Boom. Done. Plus if you mix it up in a wide mouthed mason jar you can just leave it there, screw on the top and store it in the fridge! It keeps for weeks, a week? It never lasts long enough to find out. Having lived in the Middle East and dada having worked in a middle eastern restaurant, well, not to sound snotty but we are picky about our hummus. Store bought stuff is just too yuck. This though, seriously try, it's so good.

So I need to try and be more fun mama, trying to remember her, oh YEEEEAAA, that lady that squirts her kids with the hose and goes out for ice cream on a Tuesday, for lunch, her? Yea, she's nice. I'm going to do my best to revive her again, now that the bulk of the garden work is done, until harvest anyhow (eek!) I'm thinking splash pad, find a lake, story hour, ice cream for lunch, etc. Today we went to the park ("PLAYGROUND! Playground!"!  Says baby. "I love playground SO MUCH!!") then out to ice cream. Little man actually said "this is the best day of my life!!" which made me feel guilty but then amended to " well, the best day this week." Oh, well, okay then. Ha! 

And it's finally hot. And our rhythm seems to be extended coffee lounge and reading stories time, then outside play, then lunch, then quiet time (yay!) as it gets nice and toasty outside, then out again as it cools, and dinner and big sigh, bedtime. 

Right now the kids are watching Tom and Jerry while I hold sleepy baby girl. 

I might take her up and lay down with her. Okay, so I laid her down but now, gasp, I'm sitting down to write with a cup of tea in an intensely clean house (out of town guests coming today!) Is there anything better than afternoon tea in a cool house while the sun beats down and the whir of the fan is the only background noise?? (that sentence was too long, I know) Ah. Bliss. 

Oh summertime. I heart you.


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