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Thursday, June 13, 2013

a perfect country day

My internet is working again.

The sun is shining.

I spent the morning outside with the kiddos, mowing the lawn, pulling weeds in the garden.

Little man made the girls a snack and sat on the deck as I mowed.

A deer just ran through my back yard.

We saw a monarch butterfly.

Wild strawberries are growing in the front yard.

My garden is growing like crazy. Photo update post soon.

I woke up to sun streaming in the window and saw a goldfinch fly by the window, surely a good omen.

The kiddos are downstairs with our little 8 year old neighbor, watching a movie. Every family with little kids needs to have an 8 year old little girl neighbor who loves your kids, toddlers and playing big sister. Amazing.

Did I mention the sun is shining?

I sat in the garden in the sun, drinking morning coffee, and mapping out our first every Mid-summer Day / St. Johns Day / Summer Solstice celebration, set for June 24. I love planning stuff like this. I'm thinking paper sun crafts, a bee mobile, laying out a fairy tea party (for when the fairies get tired after dancing all night of course!), and a hot dog roast and bonfire.

Now its bedtime. We spent the past three hours down in our little town at a parade for the town festival. The kids were charming, not TOO obsessed with candy thrown their way, and, still, the sun was shining. We ate hot dogs and mini donuts for dinner. Baby dear marched to every band that came down the flag-decked street, holding little man's hand, and little miss waved at the dairy princesses and declared she too, one day, would be a dairy princess. One can only hope, dear girl. As baby declared on our way to the car, after brother said "that was AWESOME" "dat was a GOOD TIME!" 

And dada startled a doe down by the rasberry thicket as he checked on the chickens and the breeze is coming in the windows and the sounds of birds, calling out good night to the world and soon the fireflies will flicker around the trees as the world goes to sleep.

A perfect summer day.


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