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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

and so it goes, and so it snows

And we're the only one who knows...

I just had to say that. A song from somewhere? Where is that song from?

In any case.


Lots of it. And its NaNoWriMo again. And so I write. And write. All the feelings. All the everythings. Into this new little book project. Dammit! I WILL BE A WRITER, MAN. HA.

So, you all get weather posts today. Ha. Because all inspiration is leaked out elsewhere.

Also. It appears my children have forgotten to sleep. Have you ever gone through this at your house? Little man, our difficult baby sleeper, who takes an hour to fall asleep some nights, has now started waking up in the middle of the night. EVERY. NIGHT. I don't know why. Then there are the late night pleadings. Please, please, can I sleep in your bed? And inevitably everyone is piled in my bed by morning. And I GET NO SLEEP. Dada too of course.

We are both exhausted.

And for some reason Monday night when the kids finally did fall asleep it was like. WOOHOO they are asleep by 10PM! Lets WATCH A MOVIE. So we did. Which was a stupidly exhausting fun way to start out the week.

Yesterday I was so tired it felt like back in the newborn days. Please dear God. More sleep! Or more coffee! No, scratch that, BOTH.

So this is the post that is the result.

And then the snow. I saw on Saturday that a little flurries were predicted for Monday. By Sunday the prediction had turned into 12-16 INCHES. Apparently some typhoon in Japan is to blame.

So, we spent most of Sunday afternoon outside. Bringing in the cushions off the outside furniture. Corralling yard toys into the garage. Stacking wood in the garage for our wood stove. And then the garden. Poor garden. We had such a cold month in June I had broccoli plants that tried to produce in October! I gathered up the kale, and the last of the greens and tried to create a makeshift cold frame to keep a few baby kale and arugula plants alive.

The sky was dark and biting but the kiddies were lovely. Actually GASP helping, for an extended period of time too!

And so yes, Monday morning.


Monday, all day.


But it feels (for now) cozy and happy and nice. Plus, its pretty.

November. I still like you.

helper in church dress and "ninja mask"

oh kale. I love you

ninja princess

the strawberry bed

clouds moving in...

good bye garden.

this and most of the below pics are by little miss :)


so proud to be a helper

not the prettiest but hopefully it works!

my baby arugula and kale plants. I wonder if they survived out there...




  1. Wow! You guys have had snow already it does look so pretty though, hope your staying snug and warm! Loving Storm Siren when i get the odd second to read it, thanks again lovely Sara xxxx


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