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Sunday, January 11, 2015

3 items of note on a Sunday evening

First, little man just swore in French. 

Sacre bleu! 

Ha ha! 

It means holy cow in French mom. Yea, kinda. Ha.

Two, he and little green have hit it off lately. Little miss is already asleep, so I asked him to read Green some books so I could do the dishes.

Sure he says, come on little buddy. Then he teaches her how to make finger shadow guys with a flashlight. Then he scratches her back and sings her a song, pretending to be a radio. Then as I'm finishing up I hear him say, come on in my room, I'll tell you all about my AT-AT walker ( Stars wars lego set for Christmas) and baby green happily trots after him. Sure Jacque! (As she calls him.) 

And my little mama heart skips a beat. 

So good. 

Third thing of note, oh you kept scrolling! Third thing is this book. Big fat OMG. Have you read it? Wowza. You should.


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