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Saturday, January 24, 2015

anti-recipe #75 strawberry coconut milk ice cream

I didn't make this one up. 

There, now that I've gotten that off my chest, let's continue. Ha.

Why coconut milk ice cream? Well, the whole vegan paleo thing, if you do that. It's also super rich and creamy and tasty, so there is that. And I wanted a treat, had no cream, did have a can of coconut milk , and happened to see this recipe floating around on the internets. 

Here is how I made it. 

You'll need:
One can of coconut milk

So this is important, don't shake the can of coconut milk. Because you want to skim the cream off of the top of it and leave the watery stuff on the bottom of the can. You'll have about a half a can of watery stuff left over. Coconut water you can add it to a smoothie or something later. 

So spoon the coconut cream on top of about a cup frozen strawberries. I did it in a big giant cup because I used my immersion blender, my magic bullet blender thingy, to blend it. 

The recipe I saw said to use honey to sweeten it but every time I try to use honey in a smoothie the honey freezes in a big glop. So I used a teaspoon of sugar. 

So blend all of this really well. 

And now the freezing part of course there's lots of different ways you can make it frozen you can use an ice cream maker or a fancy vitamix type blender. 

I did it the cheapskate way. 

Put your blended mixture in a Ziploc bag. Now put that bag inside another Ziploc bag. Make sure it's sealed really tight. Now put those bags inside of a large Ziploc bag. Fill the large bag with about a tray of ice cubes and some salt maybe a quarter cup of salt. No maybe less so than that. In any case put some salt in there. 

Now for the patience part. I tried to get the girls to be involved in this but they weren't interested. (Dada and little man are at Cub Scout camp this weekend!!)

So you basically just roll the ice around the baf that has the cream mixture inside and eventually it turns into an ice cream texture - keep poking it to see if it's frozen. I put the big bag full of ice and a bowl and just kind of rolled around maybe five or 10 minutes. 

Once it's the right texture and frozen and creamy take it out very carefully from the salty bag otherwise you'll end up with salt inside of your ice cream which is what happened to me. So rinse the inside bag off in the sink and then take the next bag out-do you see what I'm saying?

Now scoop out the ice cream and eat. 

If you don't eat all of it and put it back in the freezer it will just turn hard and icy and you will have to go back with the magic bullet blender and blend up again. So that means you need to eat it all in one sitting. Ha! 

Of course you can make all sorts of flavors. If I had some chocolate chips I would've tossed those in as it froze. And of course you can make a quick batch of ice cream like this with real dairy cream too. 

Ok. Yum. Enjoy. 


  1. Or...
    If you have leftovers you can always add a little alcohol to prevent the icing up from happening.
    Do you see what I'm saying?

  2. yes. I definitely see where you are going with that.
    mmmmm....and I have another can of coconut milk in the pantry...


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