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Monday, February 9, 2015

on going on autopilot and mini pipecleaner teddy bears

Stumble upstairs, eyes half closed. (No, you are not hungover, you are a mother)

Thermometer has confirmed it. You have officially contracted the children's virulent virus that WILL NOT DIE. Ears throbbing. Blessed husband hands you coffee. Sit in sunshine. More sitting. Settle children's argument over who gets what plastic dinosaur. 

Husband leaves for work.


You must find and push that autopilot button. Quick. Quick. 

Jeans help. 

You go and get dressed, putting on Honest-To-God clothing (although not as far as a bra, that is only for actually leaving the house). 

You sit upright at the kitchen table, ignoring children who yell at you when you tell them to get dressed. This is where a head cold comes in handy. Muffles the volume. You drink more coffee. You calmly reply to son who tells you he is ready for breakfast and would you make him one "fit for a king." Um. You know where the toaster is, go make yourself a bagel. 

And so it goes, the mother on autopilot. (It just took me four tries to type autopilot)

Which is what I am today. 

And somehow we made it through school. Kiddies now drawing. Mama sipping tea. Tylenol and a trip to the doctor to confirm, no you are not actually dying, you are fine. Okay. Fine. So does this mean I have to do the dishes?

Anyhow. We all make it through. Those autopilot days. Whether because of a late night (with a sick baby) or a fun late night (involving vodka) or a migraine or a bad mood or just because it is Monday. We hit the on switch. 

And we do it. Somehow. We push through and we make it all happen. 

So cheers mamas, to the autopilot days. (Is it bedtime yet???)

And now. Here is a post, about making pipecleaner teddy bears. Because they are cute. Little man has been making armies of these little guys, complete with ninja super powers, so I asked him, as our resident expert in pipecleaner bear making, to do me the honors. He willingly obliged. (This crafty mama is so proud! HA)

First bend ears into the very end of the pipecleaner.

 Now bend a snout, like this, then mush it together.

Bend legs and arms, going down and back up again, etc.

Here is the rough shape, notice the tail at the end. Now wrap that long tail between the legs and up around the head to give it more shape. Keep wrapping until limbs are secure and the tail end is used up.

Now bend the snout up a little, and bend hands and feet.

The finished bear...
 mmmmm tasty (Okay, I will take a picture of you pretending to eat it. Oops can use it, its too fuzzy. But you have to Mom! Its funny! They will like it! Okay, fine)

 Little mans bear army.


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