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Thursday, June 18, 2015

anti-recipe #76 curried chicken salad

So. Taking care of oneself. I was at my chiropractor acupuncturist health guru guys office the other day. Yes. Acupuncture. I swear it helped. 

Anyways. My back. Gardening one day. Totally seized up. Awful. My moms sweet friend said lady, you need to go see my acupuncturist. So. I did. 

And I confessed to him my gut issues have been bad lately. Stress kills my gut. And he said, I will help you. But you have to promise you will eat what I say. Okay fine. 

No grains. Corn. Rice. Wheat. Nothing. No potatoes either. Here is a list. Eat this. You will feel better and stay better. I promise. 

Now, anyone dealing with disease of any kind has dealt with this scenario. Listen to me and I WILL HEAL YOU. But this guy, well, flopping hair, listening to 80s heavy metal as he deftly poked needles into my stomach and ankles (ow!) and ears and head. He had my disease. And he eats like this "7 out of 10 days," he said. And hasn't been sick since the 70s when he started this style of eating and was treated by an acupuncturist. 

Well. Convincing.  And I'd love to get healthier anyway. Fine. Later I look up "the wheat belly diet" Dark chocolate and red wine are allowed. SOLD. 

SO. Here is me, making an effort. 

Juicing, mostly green things. And eating a plate this looks like this most every day for lunch. 

Here is a breakdown of today's plate. 

Pile of fresh greens, from the garden of my moms other friend. 

Then. Here it is. Curried chicken salad. Do you know about curried chicken salad? I was introduced to it when studying at Oxford, those British have such fancy ideas. 

Shred up chicken, we had a roasted whole chicken (our own free range bird from last summer! Don't I send healthy and fancy!) in the fridge leftover from dinner. Add mayo (not that healthy yet, you could substitute with plain yoghurt) then curry powder, some salt. Add in fun things like dried cranberries or sliced almonds or cashews or chopped fresh grapes.*  

Now put this on bed of lettuce. More than you think. Without carbs in your life you need to eat more. I added slices of cheese and these vegan kale cracker things, sprouted and healthy. They taste terrible plain. But are good/tolerable with cheese and the chicken salad. 

Pour a glass of freshly squeezed veggie juice (cut with half OJ)

Voila. Tasty healthy lunch. 

Notice dada's lunch in the background. Diet Mountain Dew and ramen noodles. He said he was trying to even us out. 


*dada actually made the curry salad, per my instructions, but still, I felt the need to confess. 



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