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Monday, July 6, 2015

hiatus, for a spell

So, here is the thing. Our family is in the middle of such upheaval/not-knowing-what-is-next-ed-ness that I can hardly even write about things like knitting and pickles and salsa and crafts. (Mmmmmm pickles....)

Seriously. It's crazy. I can't write about it yet though because right now its just in the "angst-y I'm going to die before this is all figured out" stage. I want to write about it more when I am in a "Phew-that-was-crazy-but-we-made-it" phase.

So I am thinking, for the next couple of weeks or months its going to be picture only blog posts.

Cause. Mamas. I need to figure this shit out.

And to do that I need to be ALL HERE. Which is super duper hard for me. Not, in the future, not living in my nice-y blog.

I need to be here.

In the thick of it.

Where it sucks sometimes. Where it is hard. Good too, mind you. Our little family is fine, nobody is sick or anything. All limbs still attached. Just....ACK. WHAT IS NEXT??

So, I'll meet you on the other side. Where the end glory is doubtlessly waiting. I mean, its gotta be, right?

And, for sure, I'll be back.........

When I'm all contented and happy and shit be figured out, or at least when it doesn't feel like I'm turned inside out and my eyeballs are back in their sockets and everything is coolio again. Normal mama angst. Not all this life-changing shit. HA.


Here are some pics of our fab day on the Fourth.

In the meanwhile I am going to make a lot of lists, cross my fingers and daydream about a white kitchen with potted red geraniums and a comfy rocking chair with a giant fluffy wool fleece.

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

  this is what i get when i ask almost nine year old for a nice picture. WHY WHY WHYYYY??

 See mom, normal face.

 Just kidding.

 those CURLS.

BYE BYE. For now.........


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