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Friday, November 27, 2015

little man's book picks #1 - the kane chronicles

For approximately two years now the below picture is how we typically find Jack around the house.

In a corner with a book. Sometimes on his head, the book upside down with him. Walking through the house with a book. At the dinner table with a book. In the car with a book. And rather than expound on raising kids who love to read (other than um, read to them, let them see you love reading...that's all I got) I figured I'd let him tell you about some books he loves.

So, here you go.

Book Reviews with Little Man, #1 The Kane Chronicles

ME: First of all, who is the author?

"Rick R-I-O-R-D-A-N. He also wrote Percy Jackson and the Magnus Chase Books. Percy Jackson is about the Greek gods and the Magnus books are about the Norse gods."

ME: So you like books about mythology?

"Yes. The Kane Chronicles are about Egyptian mythology."

ME: So tell me about the books.

"Well, the two main characters are Carter and Sadie. They are what they call Magicians, they use divine words and a wand and staff as weapons. Divine words are like spells you can cast. I'll give you a few of them. "Ha-Di" the destroying spell. "Hapi-u-ha-ey-pwah" conjuring a clay warrior for attack. "Se-kebeb" is a spell for freezing.

There are three books in the series. I think they are good books. They are about Egyptian gods, Ra, Set, Bast and others.  Sadie has a cat named Muffin who later turns into the goddess Bast, personally one of my favorite characters. I also like their mysterious Uncle who comes to get them from the House of Life, named Amos, also a magician. If you are a fan of Greek or Roman mythology it would be a good series for you. If you know Greek mythology you might know Tartanus, Duat is the Egyptian version where everyone slowly reforms, there particles spread apart when they die and then slowly come back after 100 or 200 years in a different form. All magicians and gods do this. And there are Chaos snakes and others.

Now I'm going to tell about the storyline.

In Book 1 "The Red Pyramid", is how they are normal kids until the fire god Set imprisons their dad in a sarcophogus and then their mysterious Uncle Amos comes to take them to the House of Life to train them. Another person named Zia thinks they are summoning gods and magicians oppose the gods so later they encounter her but her master thinks they are innocent so she lets them escape and then they are trying to oppose Set and free their dad. And then..."

ME: Wait, stop there. You don't to give away the ending!

"Oh, right."

ME: Keep going.

"Okay, Book 2 "The Throne of Fire" storyline is how Set becomes half good and Apophis the Chaos snake and god of chaos are trying to stop him from swallowing the sun and turning the world into chaos. They have to find Ra who is the only one who can stop Apophis.

Book 3 "The Serpents Shadow" they found Ra, but he is kinda ga-ga, its kinda complicated how they are going to stop Apophis. His shadow is kind of disconnected, so if they destroy his shadow then they can destroy him.

I think you should read this series, its good. And other books by Rick Riordan. They are fun action mystery and drama books. Happy Reading!"

[Oh my gosh I love him. Yes, he put that Happy Reading bit in, not me. HA HA! So. We ordered these books last week. They arrived on Monday. And granted he had the week off of school and has been reading nonstop but is Friday and he is almost done with Book 3. Done. So. We are off to the library this morning. Ha. We'll do more reviews over the next few months. He liked it and likes to share good books with other kids, he says. I LOVE HIM.]


  1. My 11 year old boy devours the riordan books.
    He also likes the land of stories books. And redwall abbey series.


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