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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

because, Tuesday

I tried to post this yesterday, but I couldnt get it done. Because, Tuesday.

You know. Tuesday. The weekend is far away. Pushing school onto the kiddos is like pulling teeth. I dont know why I bother some mornings. If I just kept little man supplied with Legos, paper for comic book drawings, frosted flakes, an afternoon swim, and a steady stream of books he could probably do just fine. I just sat talking with him about Greek gods and mythology. He rattled off the names of more than 20 gods, lesser gods and titans. And I'm like. Uh. Okay. Just, keep reading. HA HA.

So instead. I turn to fun mama. The girls and I douse ourselves with mosquito spray (they seem to have followed us to paradise) and go outside every few days to work on our fairy village. So far we have a lovely house, decorated with fresh plumeria flowers regularly, with cups made from the hulls of macadamia nuts scattered around the yard and walls of lava rock (the only kind of rock you can find here). Our recent addition was a lookout tower.

(Little man chooses to stay inside and read during these outings.)

Then we come in and read a Winnie the Pooh story. Giggling at Pooh and his escapades. (Little man chooses to listen from in his room whilst building Legos.)

Next, a Thankful tree, for November, we paint leaves the traditional fall colors and write messages on the back of gratitude, and tape them to a fallen branch I found in the yard. (Not from the plumeria trees, which drip toxic white sap when they break!)

(Little man is reading, again.)

In case you were wondering re leaves here. So. In the tropics leaves fall and regrow constantly. Which means no real "fall" but it also means raking. Constantly.

Our gratitude project complete we attempt a few math work book pages. Little green gets out the chalkboard and practices all the letter she knows, making me read her "word" after each new letter. (Example: ALFICOBPUVQ What does it say NOW mom??)

(I rein in little man. Yes. You MUST do some math. He whines at a tough page so I cave and let him do a couple pages with charts and graphs. He then concedes and even sticks around long enough to do a grammar page. Um. Predicates? I totally dont remember any of this. BAD WRITER HOMESCHOOL MOM!)

And then. Yes girls, I know, I promised. We bake cookies. For some reason my standard recipe falls to crumbly pieces. Not enough flour? Butter too soft? No idea. But they are happy. All I can think is crumbling up some on top of ice cream while watching Grey's Anatomy. Literally the ONLY TV show I watch now. What has happened to me??? Mostly though, I just want wine whilst watching. Alas. Baby fetus #4 prevents this.

My super mom morning* completed with minimal whining and tears dada texts up from his garage office. "Take kids swimming so you can work?" YES PLEASE. (Isn't he dreamy??)

Then I have a meeting on campus which goes amazingly encouragingly well.

And I think, a the end of the day, watching Grey's and eating grapes (trying to stay healthy. Grrr) and feeling kiddo #4 kick around in my belly.

Okay. This is, in fact, amazingly good and fulfilling on all fronts. As long as I can work past the grumpy moments of math page fights and picking up bedroom struggles and downcast mama who misses her oil paints and household knick knacks. Those things are pretty small, really.

And we're starting to figure this new life out. And, its going to be a good life for us. So long as boy-child gets his books and Legos and frosted flakes. (He just came up to me to inform me that he'd like to have fangs instead of his side front teeth one day. Um. Okay. Good to have life goals kiddo.)

Alright. Time for some school. And more coffee. Happy Wednesday lovely folk!

*Lest my super mom morning overly impress you. Today I have given kids cereal, had coffee, made an egg, and written this post. HA HA

So, this is what I am thankful for today. That, friends, is a coffee tree. 

And those, friends, are coffee berries. Pick when red. Dry. Hull. Roast. Grind. Drink. 

We will only have enough for a handful of grounds, most likely, but still. SO STINKING COOL. RIGHT???


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