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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

dilemmas at the 4 o'clock hour

And now, the 4 o'clock challenge we all face but made particularly troublesome at a painful contraction-y 7.5 month pregnant state. 
This. This is the state of the living room. 

I'm sitting here with my feet up in the sunshine and it is staring at me. 
And I at it. 
Who will win? 
Also there is that pesky 4 o'clock problem of dinner. 
Who will make it? 
Dada is working late, so I guess, me?
Maybe I could make a game of it with the 9 year old. How to make a chicken nugget dinner! Fun! 
Maybe if I close my eyes it will disappear. 
Nope. Didn't work. 
And the kids are fighting which might require intervention. 
I'm getting a contraction just thinking about getting up. 
Dilemmas, dilemmas, dilemmas. 
Oh but that sunshine...
Okay. View right now. Too funny not to share. 
What are you doing Green? I ask. 
Picking up. Of course. 
Oh right. My mistake. Of course. 


  1. Hope the pain went away, so tiring for you. I am currently home eding my boys on no sleep as one in bed with me up all night with rotten cold and house work needs doing ;)


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