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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

the summer list update #1

   So this just happened.

What is this extraordinary occasion you ask?

Why, let me tell you.

A child, birthed from my own womb, is standing at the sink DOING THE STINKING DISHES.

Yes, yes, thank you, I bow humbly in front of your standing ovation.

And yes, this is the girl child. The boy child puts dishes away every day since he was six but pays way less attention to detail and instruction than the girl child, plus he has a tendency to slam dishes around. So she gets to be the first. (I do make him do the bathrooms though, a task he actually enjoys)

A moment I have been waiting for these 30 years since my own little fingers plunged into a sink full of dishwater. "One day," I muttered, "I too will have a child. And then NO MORE DISHES FOR ME."

Well, my friends. That sweet sweet day....IS TODAY. I have truly arrived as a mother.

She actually enjoyed it and said "Mama, arent you glad to have a little helper?" Why, yes, sweet thing, yes I am.

Yesterday she even took out her little sewing kit and mended a broken strap on little sister's jumpsuit.

And at this very moment she and her sister are playing, nicely, in their room while little man reads for quiet time.

Summer Day #3. A success. Tune in next week for further updates on this developing story.


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