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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

in which i share with you the joy/torture of camping with four kids but the gorgeousness of this island with lots of pictures

How is that for a title?

Moving right along...

The kids were on spring break this past week. 1) I love them and miss homeschooling. 2) I can't wait for them to get back to school.

Both of these things are equally true. Which is crazy. But true.

So, with work and lots on our plates we took two days and drove to the other side of the island, something we have not yet done since living here because 1) baby hated the car until recently and 2) see number one.

This island is gorgeous. No truly. And we live in a hot dusty dry little corner of it. But up into the mountains/volcanoes and past it is lush and green and so so beautiful and cool is beautiful here too but the land surrounding our town is semi-arid. Hot, so hot, and lots of lava rock. Up just 1,000 feet (where the kids go to school) it is totally different though, just a short drive away (where we want to buy our someday farm!) but for now. Hot dry lava rock town. So seeing other parts of this island was just, well, spirit lifting.

We camped. Which, you know, by the ocean all picturesque and such. But crashing waves all night seriously can mess with your ability to sleep (I dreamt of tsunamis and being swept away) not to mention the jungle looming in on all sides (beautiful in the day, slightly freaky at night.) I literally slept all of 3 hours, maybe less.

OTHERWISE. It was so good to be away with our little crew. Baby napped on the go like the champ that he is. The kids even left behind the ipads. Guys, MY PHONE DIDNT WORK FOR 24 HOURS (out of service range!) AND I SURVIVED.

It was really good.

So here are some photos of this lovely place...ENJOY!

i stayed in this campground with some friends when i lived on the island at 18.
i almost cried taking my kids swimming here. hiking up the waterfall with jack.
so crazy. was that really me that did that? and yet it seems like yesterday...

just look at this campground spot!!

omg. see this baby's curls???

this is where we camped....

amazing to see them hanging out and giggling. i am so happy for the friends they are becoming...

i need to paint this one...


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