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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June, in photos

You guys. Dear mamas. It was seven years ago that I pushed post on my first ever blog post. It was funny and sweet and I feel like patting the head of the lady that wrote it. Oh lady. You are so cute. And your energy, oh my gosh. I don't even know. How. She. Did. It. All.

How is that me????

Seven years isn't that much time. But it is a good portion of my motherhood years. Gosh, little man was only 3! Now he is for real a little man. Wait till you see photos below. He is going to be as tall as me in the next year or two!

Ah me.

Oh June.

I miss you.

Let's craft together soon, eh? Or hey, lets make some Kombucha! Sew some curtains??? Maybe plan a new garden??? Please??

In the meanwhile, over the past three months I have been collaborating with another dear soul sister to run a daily workshop learning about justice and advocacy and fighting the good fight and planning community projects and taking tiny steps to right the wrongs in our worlds around us. And, we were all women, and it was amazing and it was hard, super hard, but its all this vision we have of supporting people to battle injustices in the world, even as they raise babies - especially as they raise babies. Let's face it, mamas are some of the baddest badasses for raising a ruckus and fighting the good fight out there. Right??

We need more of it. So, that is what I have been up to.

I had so many moments of doubt and angst and I suck and feeling like a terrible mother. But I realized, even with a one year old toddling around (get OFF the table baby, please!) I need to do things like this now. Even if it seems crazy, even if it seems RIDICULOUS, even if it seems daring and daunting and overwhelming.

And I realize how much my June days were really laying a foundation for my motherhood - no, even my personhood. Because even if I yell, even if I lose it, even if I can only muster the energy to read a story and call it a night, I can kiss them knowing, dammit I am a good mama. Showing them that speaking into other people's lives by teaching is worth it. The late nights and tired mornings. Worth going without new things, to launch into a new thing. That even as times are hard I know how to work hard. I have canned strawberry rhubarb jam with three kids under five! I can do anything!


And I don't know what the next season will bring - I have hopes, we do, big ones, but those hopes aren't quite ready to be exposed to the big old world quite yet, they are more tiny quiet seeds.

And isn't seed planting so joyous??

To take these tiny little kernels, kiss them, and stick them in the wet earth, praying for a harvest, somehow, someday.

That is this season. But I think I have some leaves budding up. And maybe a bloom or two soon.

What is blooming in your lives lately??

Let's visit more. Hugs to you mamas.

val learned his first big word - "Ava-dodo" :)

and became very difficult to get to sleep....11pm here

swinging wearing ev's old green shoes SNIFF SNIFF

i got some cool pants

lots of walks to browse the "free stuff" on campus

tie dyes for dada on fathers day. ask me how calm I was during this. I DARE YOU. (it was bad, really really bad)

more late night walks

one of those beautiful i love hawaii mornings

i took this photo to commemorate my once every six months nap

our lovely group of justice warriors

my soul sister co leader (below in the green dress) had a little 3 yr old daughter who
became best buds with baby

our graduation night

mama warriors

we discovered snap chat. god help me.


i took myself out on a date to watch dear friends perform a show of broadway numbers. SO FUN

mama escape time.

this summer, made possible by too much coffee

my friend from back in college coming to teach our team. SO AMAZING

their last day of school for the year.... MY HEART

singing with the school

we are done!!

baby discovering the playground. i can no longer sit and watch the big kids play...
oh wait. i have big kids.....YOU WATCH HIM. HAHAHAHA.

brothers reading together....MY HEART

their faces when they realized i threw out the abanoned melting shaved ice. HAHA

pretending to drive

sleepy eyes

babies and snap chat....HAHAHA

at the parade

he is not too sure about the marching band

my partner in this daring daunting overwhelming joyfull seed planting season

yes, we actually went out. alone.


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