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Monday, July 3, 2017

it happened

Little man's new sandals fit me.

Like. WHAT????

He is sulky, at times, listening to music in his bunk for hours at a time, constructing things on Minecraft that are legit complicated and impressive.

And I am like...


We went out the other night, our favorite date - to the library - JUST US. Its exhilarating there, with just him, amongst the books, we both love books so much, no baby to chase (who's favorite game right now is pulling things off of shelves) Then we picked out a movie. A Harry Potter movie and "Into the Woods," which when he realized was a clever mash up of fairy tales declared it the best movie he has seen in ages.

And he talked, about favorite words, and weird dreams, and what he wants to do when he is a teenager, a college student.

And I loved every minute of it.

And I looked at him, head thrown back laughing, as we drive, and I remember his giggle at 2 years old and I honestly teared up, remembering him then.

And I just. I just can't even.

My little man. Becoming one of my very favorite people.

Such an amazing thing, the mom life.

Who knew??


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