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Saturday, January 13, 2018

farm life, a post of photos

I have started a blog post too many times over the last week and then axed it.

Too whiny.

Too boring.

Too same old same old.

I am loving gardening lately. Farming really. I am out there with a chainsaw and pruning shears a couple of mornings a week, trying to negotiate some kind of order to our hillside of coffee, macadamia nut trees, wild tomato vines, and 15 foot high weeds.

Baby comes with me. He picks up the nuts with me from the hillside for approximately 12 minutes, then he digs in the dirt for approximately 22 minutes, then he watches "Tall Tales with Mater and Lightning McQueen" on Netflix for approximately 64 minutes, laying in his little wagon.

Ah. Farm mom life.

So before he wakes from his nap and I have to drag the kids off of their weekend iPad doses, er, turns, here are some photos.

I bought a baby pomegranate tree! 

a newly discovered lemon tree down the hillsdie

those spiky guys are pineapple!

my papaya tree i planted from seeds 5 months ago

our sad hillside after cutting down coffee

coffee trimmed three months ago, already sending up new shoots

gorgeous old coffee trees. now to prune back the new growth

our wi apple tree dropping its leaves and fruit

while the mango tree sends out new growth

seriously the tastiest oranges ever


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