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Friday, January 26, 2018

juggle juggle juggle

Juggle. Juggle juggle juggle.

Juggle. Juggle juggle juggle.
Drop ball. Slip on dropped ball. Swear. Chastise toddler for swearing. Chastise 11 yr old for swearing.

Bend over.

Pick up dropped ball.

Readjust ponytail. Swig down lukewarm coffee.

Throw that ball up in the air.

At it.


Juggle. Juggle juggle juggle. Juggle juggle juggle juggle juggle.

Sound familiar anyone??? I know it is. This is my life these days, so so intensely so.

I've got coffee trees to stump. Fruit to pick. Jelly to make. Kids to pick up at school. Toddler to chase. Meetings to attend. Curriculum to write. Biscuits to make. Trips to think about, pray about. Workshops to plan. Books to write. Someone gave me a massage gift certificate for Christmas. I am thinking of scheduling it sometime next fall. Oh, and did I mention little-not-so-little man is going for soccer? Which meets twice a week? Plus games?? And the girls have been begging for hula lessons. And toddler is almost able to open the front door on his own. And I think he is growing out of his naptime. God help us all.

It is good. So busy. So much. And somehow the parenting needs have increased exponentially this year. The conversations I am having these days....just...oh my. So MUCH.
Can I confess my week? Victories and failures. Dropped balls and homeruns.

I made honest to God biscuits following the honest to God recipe. And they turned out SO WELL. And the kids LOVED THEM.

The day before I came home to a garbage can overflowing with crawling maggots and proceeded to curse and freak out for two hours cleaning and mopping. (Hashtag paradise problems)

I made some great contacts in the community in the past month and am working with the anti-trafficking coalition, speaking on a panel about social justice and advocacy tomorrow.

Meanwhile I left my kids school performance 15 minutes early (so as to miss the parking lot rush) and she came home crying about it hours later.

Dada and I went on a date and got dinner.

I hired nanny.

The chickens keep on eating my passionfruit vine seeds and I can't seem to get my gardenia bush to bloom.

Dada and I had an exhausted in front of the kids fight over who does the dishes more often. Ridiculous. Regretted.

Juggle. Juggle.

The laundry build up at one point this week was fantastic. I mean. MOUNDS AND MOUNDS of it.

My toddler knows how to get to his favorite (super annoying) show on Netflix, Tayo the little bus. And I let him do this, multiple times a day. My friend with teens told me about how in Japan there are programs for kids addicted to iphones. I smiled and nodded.

The chickens are laying eggs consistently in the same spot. Up to four the other day. All those scraps we feed them to woo them toward the house seem to be paying off.

I still haven't started writing again regularly.

Little not-so-little man has been begging and begging for purple hair. I finally relented. There was some left. Mom. he says, why dont you do it too. We can be PURPLE HAIR TWINS! (purple hair twins you guys!!! oh my heart) I said yes.

He has also been wrestling with some big issues in school. Wanting to fit in. And yet begging daily to be homeschooled. Oh my heart.

Little miss ran up the hill shrieking her hatred of me, her family and the world. A few days later we had a "big talk" (not THAT one, but close) and she was so attentive and grown up my heart nearly burst with pride for the little lady she is becoming.

Dropped balls.


Juggle juggle juggle.

our little awareness event, organized by my dear friend, to protest human trafficking

i took the kids out for cocoa and coffee. they were a dream. and then the owner chased us out in
the prking lot thinking i had let baby bring home the toy truck he was obsessd with. little green
had already put it back but it made me LIVID

i mean. look at those biscuits.

can you find the farming baby??

my purple hair twin streak :)

i made banana avocado chocolate pudding one day. he liked it.

spot the six yr old!


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