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Monday, May 21, 2018

catching up in photos

I still can't write about all that went down that prompted our move from our island coffee life back to the Midwest. Perhaps someday. But not yet.

In any case. the kids and I have landed in the Midwest, at grandma and grandpa's farm. A place of wonder all its own, though perhaps more subtle than the big bold beautiful colors of Hawaii. Its planting season. The farmers are out on their tractors. Baby man watches from the big front porch, the lanai as little green keeps calling it. We plant little green peas in the earth, patting them into place, and wait.

And I miss blogging but I still dont know how to put words to my heart. Its all a jumbled mess. Even so, the girls and I turned an old metal watering trough into a fairy garden the other day and when we did, well, I had to share.

So, for now, photos. I can do that.



  1. so so beautiful I love that idea. Im glad you are writing again! Prayers for your family. What beautiful growing children you have.

  2. The blog post is good enough, keep up writing such type of posts.


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