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Monday, May 20, 2019

next, best thing

You know its been quite a year for me. I know you know.

But here is the thing.


I mean, isn't that crazy?

I am kind of kicking butt lately. And feeling good.

I recently spoke to a mentor type person in my life who was giving me business advice (more to come on that later!) and this person said my voice sounded light, hopeful. I said, yea I feel that way. And the mentor responded, "So, why don't you write that on your blog?"

Um. Good point.

Its super easy for this space to become somewhere where I vent the hard moments. Although, I have hardly done that truly. The hard moments have been rather ugly this year. I've kept a lot out.

Rather, put another way, I tend to write when I need to figure things out. The cathartic moments. Often rooted in pain. Lately, those things that have come through here have been of that vein. And all the hopeful moments I have reveled in, soaked up, it's maybe like I can't let that energy go?  I need to contain in myself, hold on to every bit of it.

All that other stuff, well, work it out, write it out, good riddance. Lets just say a yet-to-be-posted-post is about a deer carcass slowly getting picked at by the crows. Um. Probably not pushing post on that one.

Another dear friend said to me too the other day. Here is the thing. The past. Its just the past. Its a non-thing. There is nothing there that you can change or fix. So. Let it be back there. And move on. You can try to unhinge car by car and deal with it all problem by problem or you can go up to your engine and pull the latch connecting you to all of that, and be done with it.

And this is where I am. God it is hard to write this though. I like sincerity and honesty. There are so many hard moments. But everyone has them. Right? No matter what your life is. So yes, I will say this. You can sit weighed down on the side of a mountain, your engine overheating with the weight. Or you can unhinge it all and climb to the goddam peak and be done with it.


That is my thing to share.

The next thing. The next, best thing. It's there. Waiting for us all. Climb your mountain, find it, claim it. It's waiting.


  1. to the next thing, the new thing coming our way!! cheers my dear!


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