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Sunday, August 4, 2019

coach sara emerges

Here is the thing.

When you get to a certain age you start to see the trajectory of your life.

You think.

And when that far off road is altered, even in the slightest, it can stagger us. For weeks. Months.


So, I had that kind of staggering. But the thing is, it helped me see something.

Well, lots of things. But, for our purposes here in this conversation, it got me thinking about what I am good at, mostly.

Listening. Digging into problems. Giving advice. Helping people figure out their next steps.

I kinda have done that all my life, in one form or another. Even here on this blog, to an extent.

So I figure. Maybe I could just do...that. For like, a job.

Turns out this is a thing. A life coach. I mean, kind of. But my thing isn't really just that.

Here is what I am thinking.

You are at home with your kids. Watching Dora...again (Dear Jesus, why did they bring that show back??) settling fights, making Mac&Cheese, wishing to God you had SOMETHING ELSE TO THINK ABOUT.

I was there.

I had a few projects. A bit of work. And it kept me sane in those years.

Maybe you have a degree, lying stagnant (so you feel) or you have a passion issue you always get fired up about when you are (finally) having adult conversations with grown ups.

I was totally there too.

And then occasionally you think to yourself, I wish I could DO SOMETHING, with x, y, z issue/pet project/community problem/skills set lying dorment under layers of stale crackers and playdough.


So. Here is the thing. I want to help those people activate their hidden selves, bring them out from hiding, and DO THE THINGS that get you fired up.

My thought?


It's funny how your mindset impacts so much of what you are capable of. I, for example, had a shitty mindset yesterday, taking my children to the city's big annual festival this weekend. I pleaded with my parents to come with me and help. I dragged this kids out of our nice AC house with promises of treats and interesting things to look at, slapped on some sunscreen, and off we went. Two hours later (naptime) I am sweating in a 100 degree porta-potty wrangling a 3yr old who er, soiled, his pull-up inwardly (possibly outwardly) cursing the damn fair and my need to project some kind of FUN MOM vibe while really just wanting to go for an evening walk here and there. WHY DO WE NEED TO BUY ALL THE THINGS AT THE LOCAL FESTIVAL TO BE FUN.

My point. Yes.

My point is that my mindset needed swung out of the groove that it was in. We all know those moments as parents. But that is true of so many bigger things in life too. Asking for a raise. Saving money for a house. Going back to school mid-career. All of those moments where we are like, I can't, I can't, I have to, okay, shit, I CAN. And we find ourselves DOING THE THING.

I have been blessed this past year with some amazing friends and family who believed the heck out of me and my capacity. And I want to be that somebody for you too. So, this is my new little business venture. Over coffee (Facetime or Skype!) or the phone or email we talk. We connect. We explore. We figure shit out. We plan. Then we do.


Let's talk. sarajohnsonsteffey (at) gmail (dot) com

OR for more.


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