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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

that moment

Getting real today, poor June. 

I felt the need to write the moment, share this picture, because I want to 1) let it go - like a seeping wound that needs air - and 2) spur our conversations around living in authenticity. 

So here, it is, my moment. 

This moment, my crater moment, happened not far from an actual crater - a volcanic one, upon which our coffee farm was clinging to the side of the volcanic rock. It might have all tumbled into the ocean in that moment because everything I thought was real and true was swept out from underneath me. 

Well. Almost everything.

But, it turns out, the things that were still there. My kids. My sense of urgent purpose (gotta get us back on our feet!). And my parents and siblings. They were all I needed to climb out of that crater and find solid ground again. 

The image above is one that I have never shared. My last night on my little hillside farm. I took it because I wanted to remember her. That Sara. Her eyes are so sad. So confused. Hurt. Betrayed. But, freaking determined. 

Have you had this moment?

This make or break sensation of, like Eminem says “Success is the only m-f-er option, failure's not."

This is what I am talking about. 

And here is the thing, and read closely. WE ALL HAVE THESE MOMENTS. They might be monumental, like mine, an undoing of so much, or they might be a subtle shift in the ground under you that changes everything. 

Some of us endure these moments quietly, push them away, or stagger with the change and keep on with appearances. Others of us run in fear. And some, surrounded by cheerleaders, might be able to use these moments to catapult into the next great thing. 

So, what are you going to do?

Are you listening to the tremors in your life that are telling you “Find the next thing. Do that thing you have always wanted to do. You can!” 

Listen. Tune in. Because the crater isn't where we were meant to live. It's where we release and let go and become alive!

Here is the deal. I know what it is like. My next venture, this course and community "Claim Your Revolution" is to invite others into this journey.

My June people. We diapered our babies together. And now, likely, so many years later, we are sending the last of our babies off to school and wondering, what is next. Do you feel the shifting ground??

What are you gonna do about it?????????????????



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