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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

back to it

Is it just me (I know it isn't) or is this school year start just ridiculously weird??

Last year was pandemic-ness and unknown and make it work. 

(We homeschooled.)

This year just Like it should be normal, but, heck, it's not. It feels unsettling. 

I think I have no normal anymore. Do any of us? That is really it. Today after picking my kid up from school and hearing stories of this and that I was like, to heck with that, and rolled up to her brother's Montessori school to pick him up, and hey, let's enroll you too.

There is no normal. 

There just is. Each day. 

Maybe I crave routine? Tomorrow that is my task. A play by play of my day so I feel more...settled? Even if it changes next week? I am going to write it all out on my weekly planner that has turned into a scratch pad for random notes on work calls. 


I don't know. I feel out of my skin lately. And yes, I am still taking the dear sweet Lexapro, HA. It's not really anxiety per se. A sense of foreboding? No. Not really that. I don't know. In the past September was all about Get Shit Done. Routine. Rhythm. Putting away the garden. Canning. Starting new projects. 

This September just feels like.....HUH? 

I don't know. Anybody else feeling this sense of unknowing? 

FYI. Little man, who is now 6'1, gave me a report of each of his teachers, written down, and their grasp of classroom shenanigans and engagement in the topic and then tells me he found a group of kids to sit with - "less friends and more just a social buffer" - and OMG who are these little people???

Maybe I need to can some pickles, for old times, sake. Make some sourdough. Or homemade laundry soap. HAHAHAHA. That was funny that I did that. 

In any case. Where are you settling in to this weird-ass September??


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