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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

500 posts! giveaway! new blog layout! lots of happy.

500 posts.

Kinda crazy.

1) That I have that much to say.
2) That I have that much time to write.
3) That you all are still reading.

I have thought of giving up blogging for a split second here and there, but then its 3 o'clock in the afternoon and I am sipping homemade chai while spelling out "The Trojan War" to little man for his history lesson and I sit down to write and I smile. Because I like writing. And I like you. And I like this little cozy life, which is maddening and exhausting but lovely all the same.

"1200 BC"

That is the alleged date of The Trojan War. The one with the wooden horse, if you wondered.

And I sip chai, just cooling enough to drink, and the afternoon sun is beautiful through the trees, into the window, and both girls are napping, and, yes, lovely.

And thanks for sharing in it all, letting me share, being a part of this space.

And who knows where June is going.

This mama is going to start working again, part time here and there, and I am still trying to write the June book idea (rejection letters are SO FUN) and I have an idea that this little space will always be a part of my life, even if I am logging on from India to write about missing home, and chai, and the sun through the trees, and little hands pulling at my yoga pants.

Yes, probably always.

So why not freshen the poor gal up, right? (I just used the word gal, HA HA HA) It kinda irks me to see my little June Cleaver watermark template being used by other bloggers (dumb, yes, I know) So I am trying to go for something with little more character, and a little less use. Maybe someday I will pay for an actual designer pro to do one for me. For now, this my attempt at giving dear old June a new color of lipstick to match her pearls. (Something like that, I guess.) Be on the lookout for a new design. And don't worry if it doesn't seem to work right. I have no idea what I am doing, but I will figure it out. (Or maybe one of you is a blogger template pro and could give advice???)

And finally, a giveaway. Perhaps to coincide with my late-30s-slightly-freaky-birthday next Tuesday??? Yes. Sounds good.

And why? Why??? Because giving stuff away is fun.

So, lets do that.

Here are my thoughts for "the rules:"

1)Share your favorite post on your Facebook page. ("HERE IS MY FAV BLOGGER AND ONE OF MY FAV POSTS, YOU SHOULD READ HER BLOG TOO." Sorry, that was a lot of CAPS.)
2) Come back to this post and comment how you shared and what post, and maybe, for kicks, what kind of June posts you like to read.
3) Don't forget to leave your name, code name, whatever!
4) I will randomly pick a name, out of a hat, on my birthday, next Tuesday, October 1.
5) Winner will get a custom made pair of shoes for any size feet, up to maybe an age 5 kid (I find this style of shoes doesn't stay on bigger feet than that very well) using material from my stash (I have lots of good stuff, don't fret, you can email me your kids measurements and I will pattern from there for sizing.)

Fun, right?

Here is a picture of the shoes I am talking about, just in case you wondered.

So, lets do this thing. Evolving. Moving forward. Embracing the slightly freaky late-30s age. Because really, this little-and-cozy-yet-doing-big-things-doing-hard-things life ... it really does kick ass.


  1. I shared the post about sisters (a recent one). I love reading your blog, but this post reminded me how much I love watching my own two girls be awesome sisters! Thanks for always being real :)

  2. How I shared the post: facebook.
    Which post:
    I like reading the day to day living stuff. Sooooooo... all of it?
    Code name: Crystal down the road (See ya Friday!)

  3. D is for Dragon - was my favorite of the ones I have read! so much truth! Heather

  4. I shared the Divergent Mama post on facebook . One of my favorites. I like the mix of posts you have. Life, kids, Waldorf, food, birth, etc. I don't like blogs that only post about one subject... I get bored :) yours always feels very genuine. ~Anna Gerhardt-Huiting

  5. I just caught up on this, but I'm okay (as opposed to disappointed) that I missed your giveaway, because disappointment over a lost pair of booties when June gives the directions in one of her blog posts on how to make said booties seems silly. I really love many of your posts, but I love and have referenced multiple times the "Making Woolies" and "Making Sauerkraut" ones, and surely you know I love absolutely all of the posts and I appreciate the time you spend writing. Keep up the amazing work, and I love the blog's new look.

  6. jayme! yay! you are so sweet! i totally look up recipes and patterns on here too. HA. how about you move here and be my real life friend, k? :)


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