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Sunday, August 21, 2011

august, in pictures

I suppose I am not feeling terribly wordy lately. Shocker, right?

Lots of nesting-ness going on though. Lots of mental preparation. (THREE KIDS???!) Lots of cuddling babies. Lots of PBS kids and popcicles. Lots of baby crafty-ness (will post on this soon!). And cleaning too.

And sitting. In the sunshine. Soaking in August.

And, aside from our current state (colds sweeping the house!) its been a good month.

And next week, my little man turns five. Five years of mama. Five years of hugs and rocking to sleep and lullabies and pushes on the swings and wiping of tears and sweeping up graham cracker crumbs. Five years. Amazing.

So here are some pictures. (With my new camera! yay!)

this is her new face. lovely huh?

my first two red tomatoes. ever. i am so, so proud.

pool time.
inspecting the tomatoes. yes, naked.
mid afternoon sun in the trees
yes, any stick can be a sword.

dump sand in the failed garden box (not enough sun!) voila, sandbox!
this is our "summer shelf" relevant books and nature baskets (a la Waldorf style)
(the baby come out book is hilarious! and its a home birth story!)

nature basket for little miss filled with polished rocks and fake flowers.
she (and brother) love dumping the rocks into other baskets
and running their fingers through them.
a great toddler toy!

placing said stick/sword in the back of one's shirt=knight prepared for battle

i must confess i had to lean back to get my birkenstocks in the picture.

veggies from my mom's garden.

my boy.


  1. hahahaha! I LOVE the tummy perspective shot! Those last few weeks, the toes feel like they're 10 feet away. And Little Miss' face is precious. My girl had a nose-crinkling snarl that she used for all pictures from about 18-36 months, much to my chagrin.

    Soak up the sunshine!! :-)

  2. They are so beautiful! Happy times.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Sara! your new camera is doing just fine, thank you!!love the kids close-ups. Is Jack going to school this fall? love your mini-garden. thinking of you, g'ma marian

  4. Oh my. I've seen that look on another little girl's face. So precious. thanks for sharing. Love to all. gmgpB

  5. grandma marian - nope, jack is not going this fall. he is still just four, only turning five this week...adjusting to a new baby is enough, we decided. he is telling everyone he is going to be "homeschooled" to learn how to read :)
    grandma b - glad you liked the pics! hugs to you!

  6. thanks for the pictures! miss you guys already!


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