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Sunday, August 28, 2011

happy birthday, dear little man

Five years. Was it really five years ago I gave birth to this little person? Really? It seems like a long time and yet the blink of an eye.

He is very proud of being five. The first thing he said this morning was "Does my voice sound different?" Oh, I love this little person.

I always wondered how it would be to love more than one child. When I was pregnant with little miss I was afraid I would never love her the same or as much as my sweet boy. I was right, and wrong. I think a mother has enough love for all the children she has but it is a different love reserved for each one.

For little man, my love for him is, in a word, fierce.

I think of his birth, all that I went through physically and emotionally to bring him into this world. His first year, with dada and law school and all of our stress. I think of all those sleepless nights, bouncing, walking the halls with him, praying to God that he would sleep.

And then defending him to so many people (Its NOT colic. He is, umm, teething! I started saying this at three months old. He didnt get his first tooth until 9 months.)

I think of the person he is now sweet and funny and passionate and sensitive and marvelous. I look into his eyes and somehow I see myself.

And I watch him sleep and this choking emotion fills me. This love. Fierce love.

Thank you little man. I love you.


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