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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

crafting clothes for baby

A few weeks ago I pulled out the sewing machine, a bag full of old clothes and sweaters, and went at it.

Here are the results.

old turtleneck pants that i remember fitting well

cut out, leaving turtle neck intact
(will serve as foldover yoga pants)
the results on the right side, the ones on the left
are from the sleeves of the same sweater with a simple
elastic waist

super soft newborn woolies (in gray) and a wool soaker for
night time (in brown) The first gray pants on left are slightly
gathered with a waist made from ribbing. the middle ones are
from the sleeves with an elastic waist. the brown soakers are from
a huge chunky sweater i wore in college 24/7 with a foldover waist

hats. i LOVE how the grey pilot cap turned out. made from a old
gap sleep shirt. it was hard to get right. let me know if you want
a step by step tutorial. i will make another!

a hat for brother (he requested a "ball on top") and sister

i really should get a better pic of these.
they are cut from a very felted wool sweater
i needle felted a small flower and leaves over the tacky
red moose embroidered on the sweater. now i just need
some snaps.
will most definitely model this stuff on baby for you
all ASAP. or for me, lets be honest :)

soaker pants, again the one on the right is from the turtleneck
of a sweater, and the ones on the left are from the sleeves.

this is a sleep gown i am knitting. its adorable. its incredibly
tedious. i am secretly hoping to pass off to my mom while she is
here waiting with me to have a baby...

Fun stuff huh? I packed all my sewing gear up in anticipation of little man's party and my dear sister and brother in law coming next weekend....if I don't have this baby by next week you can bet I will be pulling the whole mess out again to do some more. Yay baby crafting!


  1. so when i have babies you will make cute little clothes for them? i love the hats and colors of everything! can't wait to meet the new little one:)

  2. so darn clever. I love the fold-over pants from the turtleneck!

  3. Love this!!! Definitely need a hat tutorial! :)

  4. I so very much enjoy your blog, particularly for posts like this. More crafting tutorials are always a fantastic thing!

  5. i'm with beks on this one... see you soon!

  6. anne and bek - definitely! i will be jonesing for a baby to sew for by then i am sure...
    lori and jayme - tutorial on the pilot cap forthcoming... (what else to do waiting for baby than sew up a storm!)

  7. Great ideas all! How did you make the bonnet?


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