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Friday, October 28, 2011

five weeks as a family of five

So our little Evergreen has been with us for five weeks now. And somehow, somewhere in that time, we have become a family of five. Little man now refers to her as "she" instead of "it" (which took reminder after reminder for several weeks) and just said to me "Our baby is the best baby in the whole world."


Little miss has gotten the baby lingo down. "Oh, its okay, I gotcha, I am here, dont cry bebe. Oh, sweetie, its okay. Awww. So CUTE."

And we have had our moments of overly helpful siblings. Little man was left downstairs with baby for all of two minutes the other day (as I chased little miss upstairs to wrestle her into her pajamas) and suddenly I hear him in the living room, "Mom, the baby was crying."

And I hear a coo.

And I turn around and she is in his arms, fat little body dangling in front of him.

Yes, up the stairs. I kind of half laughed, choked and the kids looked at me and started laughing too until they saw the panic in my eyes. Then little man started crying, so I had to restrain and not yell.

He spent the next half an hour justifying his action "But mom, why would I drop her? I can carry this whole gallon of milk! She is barely heavy at all!" "Mom, why would I trip on the stairs, there isnt anything slippy on the stairs." Finally I had to leave it as "Its mama's job to take care of the crying baby. You shouldnt have to!"

Fun times.

Then yesterday I come into the living room to see little miss throwing the burp cloth over her shoulder. "Its okay bebe. You have burp? I can do it!" Uh oh.

But we have melded. When she tucks up in the sling for a nap and I can bustle around doing things taking care of kids etc I start feeling like something is missing. And then she wakes and coos (baby coos are lovely!) and smiles (so adoringly!) and lunges for me (she is totally going to be rolling over in the next month) well, then everything feels right.

And I guess that is why the posts are sparse these days (aside from how slow one-handed typing is!) I am just being. Here. In this moment. Drinking it in.

my girls

happy girl

talking to mama

photo by big brother

In other news...a visit to the pumpkin patch, er, parking lot, was very exciting. Pumpkin carving was accomplished (THANKS MOM AND DAD!). And my first post-baby crafty project, a leaf garland, was completed (cut out felt and fabric leaves, string up on yarn, done!)

so many!

first semi decent family shot

little man loved this (knives! scary faces!) little miss got bored
and came in... :)

leafy nature shelf and garland

bad photo but it turned out really cute


  1. You know, Ben was convinced Bethany was neither he nor she, just a baby for a long time. I think Bethany thinks Luke is genderless. Ben, however, knows Luke is a BOY because he spent months hearing us all guess and over-analyze boy or girl? Brother or sister?

    And your family shot looks great. We still don't have a picture of the 6 of us. It will probably be Thanksgiving before we get one! Oh, and, the more kids you have, the harder it is to get a picture of them ALL looking good at the SAME time. A Christmas pic last year took 11 tries!


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