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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

advent, advent, the little light shines

Do you know this little song?

Advent, advent, the little light shines
Advent, advent, the little light shines
First one, then two, then three, then four
Then stands the Christ Child at the door

It is advent season. When we focus in on the light insideand preserving that light in the dark of winter, and in our tradition of faith,the light of God that is inside of us, and how to share that with the worldaround us, while we await the coming of Christ. This is the week of hope, hopefor things to come, hope for the good in us to overcome all. We light ourlittle advent wreath each night and sing this song, the song I sang as a child.
And then, in the Waldorf-y tradition it is the week ofstones and jewels, of earth and rocks. For this week we are telling creationtales and myths from around the world and gathering stones and rocks andpinecones from outside. Each week then builds until all of creation iswelcoming the Christ Child.
The first light of Advent is the light of stones.
Stones that live in crystals, seashells, and bones.
The second light of Advent is the light of plants.
Roots, stem, leaf, flower and fruit by whom we live and grow.
The third light of Advent is the light of beasts.
Animals of farm, field, forest, air and sea.
All await the birth in greatest and in least.
The fourth light of Advent is the light of humankind.
The light of love, the light of thought, to give and to understand.

We started this year with a new tradition, one that I LOVE, theadvent garden. Each week we add rocks and stones first, then pinecones andbranches, then little animal figures, and finally stars and the baby Jesus.This week I hope to finish up the Mary figure so she can walk closer and closerto the manger scene on the rock path the kids set up the first day. It is SOsweet to see them engage in it each day, and special too, as we light thecandle in the scene every morning before school and leave it burning during ourlesson after saying this verse:

Light the adventcandle one, now the waiting has begun
Hope fillour hearts upon our way, time to think of Christmas day
Candle,candle burning bright, shining in the darkest night
Candle,candle burning bright, fill our hearts with Christmas light.
Light the adventcandle two, think of humble shepherds who
Heard from angels,wonderous sight, love the child was born that night.
Candle,candle burning bright, in the darkness of the night
Candle,candle burning bright, fill our hearts with Christmas light
Light the Adventcandle three, think of joyful harmony
Angelssinging “Peace on Earth”, at the Blessed Saviour’s birth.
Candle,candle burning bright, shining in the darkest night
Candle,candle burning bright, fill our hearts with Christmas light.
Light the adventcandle four, Peace on Earth forevermore
Christ child in astable born, Gift of love that Christmas morn.
Candle,candle burning bright, shining in the darkest night.

And here is the little tale I found to explain the adventgarden.

Long, long ago, Mother Mary was preparing for thefirst Christmas. It was time for her to weave a robe for the Christ Child whowassoon to be born.
Among the stars she wandered, and they gave herradiantthreads of crystal for the Child’s robe. To the Moon she went, and itgave hersilver threads. Threads of gleaming gold the Sun gave to her. And soMother Mary gathered all the lovely threads and began to weave. But alas! Thethreads slipped apart and could not be woven together. On her way went MotherMary, searching, searching.
“Ah, dear stones and crystals,” said Mother Mary, “you aresostrong and firm. Can you help me to weave these threads into a robe forthe Christ Child?”
“No, Mother Mary. We will mark your pathway to the stableandgive you sturdy ground for your footsteps, but we cannot help you weaveyourthreads.”
“Ah, dear plants,” said Mother Mary, “you are so lovelyand green. Some of you are green even in the depth of winter. Can you help metoweave these threads into a robe for the Christ Child?”
“No, Mother Mary. We will make you a garden wheretheChristmas rose can bloom, but we cannot help you weave your threads.”
“Ah, dear animals,” said Mother Mary, “you are so nimbleandlively. Can you help me to weave these threads into a robe for the ChristChild?”
“No, Mother Mary. Our brother Donkey will help you onyourlong journey, but we cannot help you weave your threads.”
Now Mother Mary no longer knew where to turn for helptoweave her lovely threads. But lo! There came an angel to her and spokesoftly, saying: "other Mary, you must ask the children for the love in theirhearts. When the children of Earth send you their love, then you will be able toweave the Christ Child’s robe.”
And that is just what happened. And now, each year atAdventtime the angel comes and brings us a light in the darkness. From it everychildcan take a light. These lights will send heart’s love to Mother Mary, toweavea robe for the coming Christ Child.
And now we come to Saint Nicholas Day, on the 6th, which Ilove because it starts the fun of Christmas day NOW, and has so many richtradition to find and start anew with our crew.This year we have been adding a series of stories aboutthe history of Saint Nicholas.
Here is my favorite tale for that one, if you care tocelebrate too.
Once St.Nicholas rode across the clouds from a country wherethe sun rises in the morning to a country where the sun says goodnight in theevening. Up in theheavens he met Mother Mary who was carrying the Christ Childin her arms and Mother Mary said to St. Nicholas: "Once again it is timethat I take the Child down to earth for a while so that he can play with thechildren."When she had said this, many little stars came along from all sidesof theheavens and asked whether they could go with them down to the earth.
"Yes,"said Mother Mary, "but only if the moonwill show you the way, for I cannot carry you all under my cloak."
When St.Nicholas heard this he rode off to the moon:"Good evening, dear Moon."
"Good evening, St. Nicholas."
"Dear Moon, will you please show these little stars theway to the earth."
"Yes,willingly, if the sun comes along too."
St.Nicholas rode to the sun. "Good morning, dearSun."
"Good morning, St. Nicholas."
"Dear Sun, will you please help to take these littlestars down to the earth?"
"Whatdo they want to do there?"
"They want to play with the Child of Light and thechildren of the earth."
"That is how it should be," said the Sun.
And now the sun placed himself on one side of Mother Mary andthe moon on her otherside. The moon took the little stars in her lap, and thesun held the hand ofthe Child of Light who was sitting in his mother's arms.Thus they went together down to the earth, but St. Nicholas rode on in front ofthem. He rodeso fast across the clouds that he arrived on the earth muchearlier than theothers. On earth he went from house to house and told everyonethat the Childof Light would soon arrive, and he gave the children on the earthpresents sothat they could play with the Child of Light.
Then the Child of Light arrived on the earth accompanied bysun and moon. He jumped outof Mother Mary's arms and showed the little starsthe path to the children onthe earth, but when the little stars leapt out ofthe lap of the moon onto theearth, they had all become human children andplayed with the Child of Lightand the other children on the earth. It was ahappy game, for the children ofthe earth play more beautifully and happily whenthe Child of Light plays withthem. Mother Mary looked on and smiled.
Many stars who had become children of the earth stayed withthe human children; andwhen Mother Mary took the Child of Light back into theheavens, many childrenof the earth were allowed to go with her and the Child ofLight, to live withthe stars.

And a little verse:
In the heavens lives a Saint
St. Nicholas is he.
He loves to help all people,
and do so secretly.
Down to earth he journeys
on his special day each year.
He brings great joy and happiness,
and LOTS of holiday cheer!
He and his white horse travel,
from star to star to star.
Children anxiously wait for him,
children near and far.
And so St. Nicholas comes to us all,
sharing gifts and sharing love.
St. Nicholas, you are a blessed saint,
sent to us from Heaven above!
Whew. Thats a lot of celebrating.
And now to confess - I totally lost it yesterday on ourfirst day of all of this hopeful celebratory goodness. Little miss didnt wantto hear about the garden or Mary. She wanted to tell the story of the ThreeLittle Pigs. AGAIN.
And we both threw fits. Hers a tad more dramatic andshrieky. Mine much more pouty and, well, it lasted longer.
And today I have woken up terribly sick. Sicker than I havebeen in ages. And she did too. Lying on the couch moaning about her sore neck (swollenglands!)
So, maybe we both lost it because of that. But in any case.Not a pretty way to start out the week of hopeful loving goodness.
Today was so much better though, even sick. And really. I dolove this season.
Anyway. Happy days of celebration to you! May the hopefulseason bring light and goodness to you!


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