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Thursday, December 20, 2012

June crafts for Christmas #5

So baby was awake from 4-530am. Which was as fun as it sounds. And she slept till 10. So now, at 4pm, she is going down for a nap. Which means dinner prep is off schedule and the kids are watching PBS kids... Hmmm leftovers and bacon and eggs?

Anyway I did get a lot of cutting out of projects done, which is a good first step. Next I need to find a few hours to sit at the sewing machine. After bedtime?

So we have... Some felt swords, a pile of fabric for these great produce/egg gathering aprons I created, finger knitting to be sewn into gifts, gnomes left to be sewn, felt crowns, and the thing I'm super excited about - horse heads cut out of felt for hobby horses!! - and then some cute doll dolls I made (stuffed with rice and wool and can be warmed in the micro for extra cuddly-ness!) one of which still needs a face. Baby has seen these and keeps whining to hold them "doll doll!! Doll doll!"

Ok. Rocking chair. Sleeping baby. Now to heave myself up to go put baby down so I can clean this wreck of a house and start dinner. Sigh.

Oh and sorry about the crappy photos lately. Posting on the go is so much easier on my iPhone and the picture quality isn't so clear lately. I think baby chewed on the camera area one too many times...


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