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Sunday, December 9, 2012

a winter wonderland

We woke up to 6 inches of snow, our first real snow this year and really in TWO YEARS. Last year we got like 3 inches total. All winter.

In any case. My gosh I am in love with our house and this land even more. Covered in a layer of snow, the woods looks magical, and the wood stove is even that much more cozy to come inside to.

The kids were out for nearly two hours, well little man and dada were. We girls came in due to a mitten issue for little miss. I have big plans to remedy this-a mitten shirt! Brilliant right??

In any case we were all out oohing and ahhing at our woods for an hour. And we invented a new game - tree avalanche! In which you kick a tree and stand looking down! and wait for the snow build up on the pine tree to fall down on your head. Little mans favorite! Especially when he positions little miss just so and then gets her. Little stink.

Oh. Love.


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