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Monday, July 23, 2012

in the garden

I am feeling fuzzy around the edges lately. You know those days? Like no amount of caffeine can peel the film back from my eyes. Partially its the humidity. The heat isnt bad, low 90s to mid 80s. Its the brain-sucking humidity that is clogging up my thoughts. Everything is grainy and squinty and sweaty and sticky.

Of course the kids are still chock full of energy. I had to chase them down this morning, as I do most mornings since being here, in their pajamas, out in the play yard, mud in between their bare toes, morning dew still wet on the grass.

And even in the heat of the day they can still be at it. They play. And they play. And play. And play. And then the come in, collapsing in front of a fan, sweat dripping down their dirty little necks, smelling like dog and grass and sunshine, asking for water, or a popcicle.

They are amazing.

I need to get out there today. The garden is calling. It is a tangled glorious mess of squash vines and peas and beans and kale and swiss chard. My mom has plans for a new bed of greens. I want to plant pumpkins for the kids, maybe a sunflower patch. OOooh. Maybe a sunflower HOUSE. Perfect. Yes.

I need to get back to my nicey-nice Waldorfy story telling. Poems and movements and crafting and sucking the marrow of life out of this new country life. You know? Sucking it dry.

But instead I am a blob of sweaty July goo.

It feels weird not having my own house to take care of. Like I am out of synch with life. Like, where is my real life, anyway.

You know?

I need to write more. Carry around a pad and a pen. Do you remember the last time you picked up a pen to write something? Its been awhile huh? Me too. I need to do that.

Anyway. Baby is asleep in my lap. I may be brave and try to put her in the porta crib to sleep. Maybe. The kids just came up, loud and crabby, still in their pajamas, and I sent them down (away from the sleeping baby!) to get out a piece of licorice. Ha.

Maybe hazy fuzzy is okay, for now.

*ps I tried to lay baby down in the crib. Her eyes popped open immediately and she smiled up at me like, what do you think you are doing crazy lady??? HA HA.
the kids devouring peas. "ooh mom, these little things inside are good!" HA.


  1. Put a sun dress on girl, no wonder why you're so hot. I so hope you're enjoying living down there. We miss you guys here that's for sure. Maya will always call that place "Jack and Ayla's house".

  2. Haha Aria does the same thing when we try to move her from lap to bed- looks at us like "what do you think you are doing?!!"


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