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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

how to make a farm girl pinafore

So, before I packed up my entire crafty world I was determined to make little miss some summer dresses. I wanted dresses that she could wear running around on a farm. You cant find these kinds of clothes in Target. Is this a pet peeve for any other mommies of girls out there? The things I find in stores are either mini adult clothes (sequins and shimmery fabrics, not at all comfortable for play wear) or crap quality or covered in sayings like "little Diva" (which my child is NOT going to wear. EVER. HA.) Or things I wouldnt even wear, like super short shorts, seriously, modesty aside, how is a little girl supposed to go down a slide on a hot day in hoochie-mama shorts that provide no coverage at all?? Of course there are good quality clothes out there that arent declaring my child "a spoiled princess" and are sweet and simple. But they cost an arm and a leg. If I wont spend $25 on a T-shirt for myself I certainly wont for my three year old, you know?

Wow. Can you tell kids clothing is a major soapbox for me?? HA HA HA.

My solution was to buy a bunch of 24 month size pants that serve as kneelength leggings (at a thrift store) and some simple cotton dresses (thrift store) and then to sew.

This one, my favorite, turned out the best. A simple sweet pinafore, out of faded blue denim I found at the same thrift store that day. Sturdy and sweet - like my girl.

I cut the pattern from a dress she had outgrown (purchased at Costco last year, ha!) Just making it a bit longer, and the armholes a bit bigger. I figure she can wear this for another year (or two!)

Here are some pics and a "how to" Happy sewing!!

dont laugh. i have never done a pattern attempt on here before.
i find though, that if i know the shape of what i am making i can easily
get by without having to cut out a pattern (which i detest) for simple things
like this anyway. oops. and you should cut two of the skirt part as well,
obviously. HA.
pattern attempt #1. FAIL.

I unfortunately with this project did what I often do, which is to not start taking pictures until halfway into the project because I dont know if it will turn out or not.

So, the first few parts of the project go as follows.

Cut out your pieces as noted above, making sure to cut the skirt part on the fold (and cut two!) The bib is the other piece. You will need two for each because it will make a neat little pocket to stuff the gathered skirt into which can then be sewn up, covering the gather...but I am getting ahead of myself.

Now that your pieces are cut, take your skirt pieces and sew them together, now hem the armhole area (the top of the armhole will be formed by the bib of course) now gather the top of both skirt pieces, from armhole to armhole, with a simple running stitch. Next sew the matching bib halves, right sides together, then turning inside out. The bib with the longer straps goes in the back, to reach over the shoulder so the button can fasten in the front.

Okay. Now I have pictures for the rest.

the gathered skirt stuffed inside the bib (with edges folded under) ready to sew

edges folded under

the gathered skirt sewn into the bib.

all ready for buttons

figuring out button placement

my hack job buttonholes, i have never had the patience
to learn to use the buttonhole i just do a zig zag stitch
back and forth a few works. :)

the pinafore in action. i of course added pockets. all farm girls need pockets.

and no, i didnt even hem it. 1) i am lazy and 2) it looks kinda cute frayed like this

And now that I am writing this I am thinking....hmmm...maybe there is enough denim leftover...I kinda want one too. HA. Do you dare me??


  1. sarah fritz-rosinskyJuly 25, 2012 at 3:41 PM

    I dare you. I want one too.

  2. Double dog dare - and post pictures. Good job by the way.

  3. Oooh, I love this. I want to make one (or two) for my little girls!


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