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Saturday, July 14, 2012

our first week

Our first week of farm life has come and gone. I am sitting in our quiet attic room with two sleeping, sicko, feverish girls. Boy is downstairs with scads of cousins watching a movie and eating root beer floats. He is quite digging life at the farm. He proudly declared that his auntie said he could get the eggs and feed the chickens by himself, EVERY DAY, as his job. Later he says, for real mom, it can be my job? Sure, yes, I say. Then his face lights up, oh. THANKS mom! AWESOME. And he has done it, and well. Putting on his little muck boots this morning, after playing legos. Where are you going? To do my JOB. Mom. Oh right. Smile.

And yes, we are living in an attic. A giant one, mind you. I will share pictures when things are put away. Its getting there. It will be a good little home while we figure out the next thing for us.

And then to live in community with my family. Which has its challenges sure but, so lovely. Hey, I made you some coffee, says my dad. Wow. THANKS. And hey, let me go check on the napping girls while you shower. YES. More on this later.

Still, its strange to leave our lives behind. Like feverish little miss said today " I miss my house, and my ketchup, and my dada!" (who is working two jobs today).

But oh, to be back in the country.

Before the fevers set in we went for a little flower gathering walk. Grandma has amazing flower beds but, oh, the wildflowers in the ditches! Some of my best childhood memories. Watching the little ants on Queen Anne's Lace. "Oh there is a tiny dark one in the middle!" she says. Yes I say, that is the queen! "Oh," she says, quite satisifed.

And then the blue cornflowers, the blackeyed Susans. And oh look kids, I say, you can take these purple ones, called clover, and you pull out the ends of the tiny petals and suck out the nectar! Wow! They say. Honey!

And backdrop to them all the rows of straight tall green corn and the bright blue sky.

And I think, yes. Yes. This is right.

that ridiculously large straw hat from the target dollar spot is finally of use
hi. i'm cute.

little miss bravely going in to let the chickens out

brother following behind to do his job

herding chickens is a new game, baby LOVES watching them


  1. Looks like a good think you've got going there (well, except the feverish kiddos). Good luck!


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