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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

catching up...

Here I sit, in my sunny afternoon kitchen. Windows open, autumn breeze blowing in, kids happily playing legos, writing you dear friends on my NEW laptop with my VERY OWN internet connection.

Its like heaven.

It IS heaven.

So its been awhile, eh? And so much has gone done in our little neck of the woods. Am I a dork that I love blogging so much? Perhaps. Many would think so. But, I do. Regardless of all that.


Catching up.

Moving with little people, well, it sucks. There is no way around it. Especially with a newly walking baby. ACK. Heaven help us. But we did it. We said goodbye to the little farm and hauled all our boxes of junk up north, to our own little neck of the woods. With lovely graceful Norwegian pines.

And that first night, after getting all of our stuff unloaded, it really did feel so RIGHT. Like, yes, this is HOME.

And now. Really, with all the hard work mostly done (still need to figure out where to hang pictures, put up shelves, and I need to unpack our bedroom, and etc.) sitting here in this lovely kitchen (I still pinch myself, its MINE, really? I get to live here?? YAAAAAY!!!!) with the sun streaming in the window (perfectly for motivation to start cooking dinner). Well, we are very happy folks.

Here are some pictures, should you care to see more. So many fun crafty things going down lately, and school goings on to report on.YAY. I am back!

our last morning walk on my parents farm

saying goodbye to the garden

and .... after much much effort (trying not to lose it, losing it, trying to
pull myself back together, wash rinse repeat...) we made it up north
where these trees were waiting for us

and set up the play kitchen, immediately. TOYS!

more boxes

and more boxes
but look at this kitchen sink view!!

and we love playing outside, so much.

the hammock under the deck

i think we are gonna love it here. view from the deck...

oh, look! a living room under those boxes!

kitchen, dining area

kitchen from living area

did i mention this peacock showed up on our deck one morning?
the kids were delighted/terrified
my mom says they are birds of good luck, a blessing on our new house
i agree. :)
(he is owned by the neighbors, apparently, and is named barney.)


  1. windows! you have many windows. this is good. :)

  2. Wow! Looks great! I'm especially enamored with your peacock! I remember hearing once that they are as good as a guard dog and very protective of their family (meaning the humans). Not sure if that's true or not.

  3. Congratulations on the new home! Doesn't it feel good to have your own things in your own space. And yes Peacocks are very good "watchdogs". Some of my friends keep them with their peasants and chickens as they are loud and protect them. Interesting. Congrats again!

  4. the windows are great. i love it. the morning and then evening sunshine especially... :)
    funny thing, totally saw the neighbors peacock in our woods the other day, leading their chickens home from an adventure...ha!


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