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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

and so on and so forth plus anti-recipe #65 gluten free crepes

I have reached a milestone, I've just realized, that all mothers of young children dream about. I seriously remember longing for this moment, years ago, and here we are.

I have just uttered the words...

"Go outside and play!"

And they go...

And I am still inside...


Of course, I will check on them. The windows are open and I can hear them playing under the deck. All is well and safe and such. And of course, they will be in and out all morning. But still, I am here, and they are there, and no one is going to eat sand or wander into a road or anything.

You understand the exquisite nature of this moment, right???


In any case.

I have had the kind of past few days where I am needing to DO. DO MORE.

I pulled apart the newly arranged family room so I can paint one wall with chalkboard paint. (Won't that be fun???)

I sanded and oiled a stump to use as a coffee table in the room.

And now I'm digging around on the internets, looking for writing gigs.

I am feeling this intense need for this writing thing I do to "mean something" to "be towards an end" other than just me amusing myself. (Which is fine too I suppose...)

Magazine articles? Ugh. Lots of research and work. And we all know how lazy I am.

Literary journals? I find these so complicated and then half of them charge a fee to send something in.

Finding agents for book projects? Maybe? But, this is like winning the lottery. The chances are that remote anyway.

Entering contests? Well, this feels good and proactive of me, but the odds are just as remote I suppose.

Eh. So I just blog. And. Maybe I need to actually do work? And not be lazy? Perhaps. Yes, sure, this is what I need to do.

Like with my running jag. I get up to a couple of miles, easily, and then, break my toe, get a summer cold, and now the idea of running is like, not appealing.

I am lazy.

But I need to shake myself out of it. Stay up a few nights a week writing, sending out queries, DOING IT, MAKING IT WORK (as dear Tim Gunn would say.)

Do you do this? Find yourself searching for more? What is next? Maybe something different? I know lots of talented moms doing the photography thing on the side, or selling things on Etsy, I guess I need to find something like that.

Or, maybe its just time to rearrange some furniture. Ha.

All that to say, I posted on Facebook the other day about the yummy gluten free crepes we made for dinner. They were so fab I had to share (PS I never use the word fab in real life, only in writing).

Here you go.

Combine 1 cup of GF flour mix ( I use the kind by Namaste flours) and maybe 3/4 cup of almond meal (dada finally got to Trader Joes to get some, yay!), 3 eggs and dash salt, sugar, vanilla (more sugar if you are going for sweet. we were going for savory so I barely added any) and a tiny pinch of baking powder. Now, here is the anti-recipe just winging it part, keep adding milk until you have the "right" consistency. I'm sorry. Dada and I both kept adding milk as each new attempt came off the skillet and I have no stinking idea how much milk we actually used. Two cups maybe? Total guess. As to the cooking on the skillet part. Like with pancakes, the key is the right temp of the skillet and the right amount of butter. Only trying and trying again will get you good results. (Dada is the master of this at our house, not me.)

Once they come off the skillet thin enough to roll try this combo - bacon, goat cheese and fresh rasberries. Seriously. SO GOOD. The almond meal gives it great texture and balance to the gluten free flour mix (didn't I just sound like a total foodie writing that??? HA!)

perfect for this navel gazing introspective post - a picture of my dreads,
but of course ;) (I say that, as a caveat, as all good Midwestern girls should, mean
while I totally support a good navel gazing session every now and then. It is
good and necessary for the soul. Much like sending the children to play outside alone.
so yes, they are super duper long and dready now, and its amazing how many positive
comments I get out here in the country, as opposed to in the city. maybe
just more of a novelty here?


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