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Friday, August 23, 2013

random thoughts on what is next and the august garden

I'm in a strange place the past few days. Lots of "what ifs" and "what is next" type questions rolling around in my brain. I told my mom I feel like I am juggling, throwing lots of balls up in the air, waiting to see which comes down first...for the first time, ever, I will have a two year old and not be pregnant. This is... Different. Very. Different.

The possibilities are endless!

Think of all the energy!

All those afternoons when, after school, I can say, GO PLAY, and they DO, and I can sit and...write! read! Do some work! Paint! Volunteer! Heck, maybe I will find a yoga class! (No, too ambitious perhaps. HA.)

It feels almost magical.

Of course, they will have their new sets of issues. I am seeing from little man that turning seven brings about a whole new level of parenting. His awareness is so much greater, his understanding too. Today, after a frustrating playdate I knelt down and hugged his little chest and smothered his face with kisses. You and me boy? We can do this! We can do seven!

And baby too of course, no longer baby, but still very baby.

And little miss, doing that transition year from four to five, which really is so dramatic.

Ah, yes, maybe not so much energy left over after all. HA HA. But a girl can dream, right?

I want to write. I want to travel. I want to teach. I want to maybe do a PhD program? Huh??? Maybe, I don't know. Then I had this idea yesterday. What if I published my "Alphabet Journey" first grade curriculum as an E-Book and sold it from here?? Would you buy it?? For a few meager dollars?? I've got it sitting here on my computer and it feels like, huh, that could save some mama a TON of work. Maybe.


Lots of maybes.

Lots of balls up in the air. I keep on throwing more and more up there, thinking eventually one will fall and I will catch it and it will feel right in my hand, and I will run with it. RUN FOREST RUN.

Lets hope they don't all fall on my head and knock me out. HA.

Here are some pretty pictures of my garden. Which is lovely. And with all these balls up in the air I go out to my garden in the bright morning sunlight of late August, a time of year when the light green of summer changes to golden gleam of a ripening world, and I sit in my swing, and I pick some string beans. And, life is good, even with all the maybes.

my girls think their job while I pick veggies is to pick all the marigolds they can.

we made our first caprese salad the other day. it was divine.

its only a couple flowers mom! but they are so pretty! they are for you!


  1. I have so many of those same wants as you: travel, writing, doing something more with myself. As the kids get older, you see more possibilities, but also, life is still super busy. always. but you gotta try, right?

    your garden looks lovely! I just posted about mine as well:

    1. Keep on keeping on, as they say :)
      Thanks for the link, yay for gardens!!


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