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Monday, August 26, 2013

goooood moooorning mommmmmies... attempt number 2

If you first don't succeed....try, try again...right?

I tried this past winter to wake up with dada when he got up, in the dark, to catch his train to work. Did I mention he wakes up when its dark? Really, super, duper early.

I managed for about a week.

Then baby toddler dear kept on waking up with me, which defeats the whole purpose of getting up early, so I stopped.

So here I am again. The house lovely and quiet. Dada made coffee for me before he left. And I write and I think, maybe even do some morning yoga. Not so bad, and yes this is just the first day. Talk to me again in a week and I may be singing a different tune. HA.

Especially if the babies start getting up with me. I hear their beds creaking in the other room. NOOOOOOOOOO! SLEEEEEEEEEPPPPP!

Mama needs some time to think.

I have been scheduling out our homechooling day this past week. Finalizing plans for curriculum, etc. It feels like a lot, but I am excited. Little man is going to be seven in a few days. SEVEN. And I am stepping up his work a bit. Science and History twice a week, and Math every day, along with language arts and French and circle time. I am thinking of throwing in some German too, in circle time, maybe some Spanish, to try and expose them to languages early on.

Never mind, you don't want to hear about all this. HA HA.

I plan on mapping out an actual schedule and taping it to the fridge, to also include things like meal ideas for the week, activities, and dada and I have decided we each get "a night off" once a week, even if it just means me down in the study writing (which is what I am hoping it will mean).

How do you mamas handle organizing your daily schedules in the new school year? Any tips?

I like the schedule on the fridge thing. I might do a month at a time. This might encourage me to actually plan ahead for 1) new recipes to try! Maybe I will finally be that girl that cooks a month of meals in a Saturday afternoon for the freezer! 2) projects to do from Pinterest! I just grouped past pins by month on new boards, one for each month of the fall. Mostly things for the kids I want to try, new recipes, projects around the house, etc. Otherwise I tend to lose all these great pins because of my, well, binging approach to Pinterest (PIN EVERYTHING PRETTY AND YUMMY!!) You can see my boards if you click the link on the side to follow me. I'm even thinking of going bananas and scheduling out what day I clean the bathrooms, the floors, etc. CRAZY ME! (ha.)

I'm really hopeful for this new approach. Getting up early. Writing. Yoga and quiet time. Diving into school by 8:30. Having projects and crafts planned out for the kids that correspond with what we are studying. Mapping out meals for the month so as to avoid the 4pm panic hour (WHAT TO MAKE FOR DINNER???).

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

But, first thing's first. Time to make another pot of coffee!

Are you excited for the new school year? Lets talk getting (and staying!) organized!


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