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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

turning inward

And this is why I haven't been blogging lately.

I sit down to write. Its 6pm. Kids have eaten. Dada and I just got back from GASP a date to the local discount grocery store (HA). Dada is now cooking himself food. I am feeling sickish lately so I ate kefir and crackers for dinner. And I sit down on the couch. And baby crawls up to me. I milky. I tired. She is not napping lately. Which KILLS my blogging time. And I am trying to refrain from TV this week, as my kids have become TV addicts somehow in the past two weeks. And my mom tries to tell me its okay, but still, THE GUILT. In any case. Baby sits down next to me and throws a book at me, after I tell her no milky. READ DIS BOOK. NOW Mama. NOW!


I am exhausted.

And now she is trying to crawl onto my lap. Her tubby little belly pressed up onto the laptop. Yes. Yes. Milky. I know. I got it.

And we are turning inward lately, which is what I was going to write about. Even the sunny days just aren't as enticing. Little corners in the house getting rearranged, repurposed, organized after a summer of neglect. We go out to the woods yesterday, and mill around for an hour or so, the most in awhile, kicking at the leaves, gathering pinecones, and then we come inside gratefully for tea by the fire, and maybe some knitting, which this time of year makes me take up again, almost by compulsion.

And she throws another book at me. And this is my allotted 15 minute window to take a shower, dada reminds me.


Goodbye for now.  More later.


  1. Knitting and tea.
    I am drawn to them too when this time of year rolls around.
    Love your ground eye view shot of leaves.

  2. thanks Elizabeth :)
    hope you guys have a great thanksgiving!


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