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Thursday, November 21, 2013

my life, lately

snuggling missy in the grey November afternoon
I haven't been writing here much lately. Here is my life lately, in a snapshot.

I'm reading "Minn of the Mississippi" to little man for his geography/science lesson, trying to finish out our school list for the day.

He complains to me that its boring, yes, I think, 20 chapters about a turtle is a little much for me too. But I tell him to write his sentence. Let's get it done with. Draw me a nice picture about the chapter. Boom. Done.

As I'm dictating the sentence baby dear comes in. Did I tell you she has stopped napping? Oh yes, she has, and on the off chance she does nap, she is awake until 11pm. NOT OKAY. I should change her nickname from baby dear to stinker toddler. HA.

She comes in to tell me. Hi Mama. I am NAKED. Oh yes stripped down to the nude. Her latest trick.

Then she runs away, cackling. The next thing I hear is a dumping noise, as she pours out all the contents of the puzzle box into one giant heap. I LOVE THIS GAME.

And little miss is upstairs doing a "bee yoga" video (follow the link, its really really cute!) she comes down to tell me. Mom. I'm hungry. AGAIN. Every 15 minutes, it seems, this girl needs to eat. And this mama needs to go to the store. I throw some raisins into a cup. Here. SNACK.

And now naked baby comes up. "One time mama, I go to you and I have milky, and mama, I am sleepy. I want MILKY."

And the dishes are stacked up to the ceiling. And the house is a mess. And my head hurts.

And this is when I am tempted to say. MOVIE TIME. But I refrain, for now, hoping the hullaballoo will die down on its own. (Not a word I commonly use but it works here, right?)

And instead of doing the dishes or cleaning, like I should, I pull out the laptop to work on my latest book-ish project. Because for some obsessive sort of reason I am trying to do this game again. Which is truly nuts of me.

Also, I have been thinking about Christmas gifting again (link to my Christmas pinterest board!), and once again thinking of all the things I want to make. MUST MAKE ALL THE THINGS. But I desperately want to avoid Crazy Christmas Crafting Syndrome which overtook me last year.

I mention this to dada and he gets this panicky look in his eyes. "Oh please, yes, don't do that again."


Poor dada.

Oh my gosh. Naked toddler baby dear stinker heart is shaking her little back and forth telling her sister not to touch her toy. Oh, seriously if only you could see this. She's so stinker stinking cute. And now she is calling for "Mister Ayla" "Mist-uh AYLA, Mist-uh AYLA. Where did you go SIST-UH?" She does the funniest thing with her "R's" she said hair as "HAY-OW" and chair "CHAY-OW." "mama, brush my HAY-OW?" Your what? "MY HAY-OW" 


And oh, late November, the greyness is sucking the life out of me. And its cold but there is no snow to be sparkly and nice. And no distracting holidays, quite yet. Thanksgiving can't come soon enough for this lady. Totally going all out with the holiday thing this year. Except for the crafting, dear dada, in which case I will attempt REASON and RESTRAINT, to the best of my ability.


And the hullaballoo did die down. Little man is reading comic books in the chair by himself (A fluently reading child is a beautiful thing!) Stinker toddler is talking to herself, turning in circles, and little miss is laying next to me wearing old glasses. Uh oh. Stinker is getting out a toy drum. NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Oh. November. Oh. Mamas. Is it naptime yet? Oh yes, that's right, my children don't nap anymore. Stinky stinker heads.

hugging the sunshine (NOT today)

I feel like I should become a millionaire after discovering this
toddler proof wine glass! no spilling! tosses in a diaper
bag easily! (KIDDING MOM!)

studying ancient Greece

baby's first "Man" arms, legs, had, body. CUTE, right??

picking the last of my lettuce, hiding under a cold frame box covered in windows

for the days when a single mug of chai isn't cutting it

amazing gluten free snickerdoodles!!

love my three birdies. (although I look terrible in this picture!)

missy no nap stinkerpants


ah, bliss!


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